How to choose the right explainer video style for your business

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Animated explainer videos are taking control over the Internet. Now, you’ve just observed many animated explainer videos and realized that the explainer videos are a standout amongst one of the best online marketing tools for engagement and ROI.

You’re prepared to make an investment, however, you don’t know which animated explainer video style will work out best for your business?


Before you settle on your choice, you have to ask yourself:

  • What are your goals?     
  • Who are you targeting?     
  • What is your message?         
  • What is the budget?


The answers to these questions have a critical impact in picking the correct video style that will resonate with your prospects and convert them into your clients.

In spite of the fact that picking the correct method to pass on your message through an explainer video can appear somewhat overwhelming at first, don’t stress! We are here to help.

In the wake of searching enough about it, you’ll understand why your business needs an animated explainer video. You’ll see how it’s the ideal method to tell what you offer, help your visibility to grow, increase sales, and boost conversions. To put it in easy words, you’ll see it for what it genuinely is – an awesome investment for your business.

However, before you begin making an animated marketing video, you should pick the ideal style to fit your needs. Picking the wrong one won’t give you much sales, activity and visibility benefits you’d get on the off chance that you had picked the correct style. Along these lines, choosing which sort of video you’ll require is an entirely imperative step all through the procedure.

How can you settle on the correct choice? All things considered, you can consult with your explainer video making company and let them assist you with that choice. Or then again you can pose a few questions to get a few pointers with reference to what you should choose.


Picking up the right explainer video

No organization on the planet has the same needs as the others. Of course, start-ups are unique in relation to huge organizations yet even organizations of a similar size and industry may wind up looking for an alternate style. The imperative thing is that you discover the style that fits your identity as a brand. How might you do that? You can take the following tips.


Again, ask yourself the same questions:

  • What are your goals?
  • Who are you targeting?         
  • What is your message?         
  • What is the budget?


The very first question may appear to have an answer as you likely want to compare with different organizations – get out there, boost your visibility, make more sales. There are a few different ways you can answer it so you must speak the truth about it. You can’t utilize similar videos if your necessities change. An explainer video is extraordinary to build conversions, connect with your group of audience and clarify complex services. Be that as it may, maybe you have to teach, convey validity to your brand or be all the more forcefully limited time (which calls for educational videos, testimonials or business advertisements, separately). Your objectives will choose on the off chance that you truly require an explainer video or another kind of marketing video.

The question concerning your targeted audience is critical. You have to know who your audience is, the thing that characterizes it, how it talks and what it enjoys with a specific end goal to have a shot at building up a video that grabs their eyeballs. You wouldn’t address an 80 year old lady similar to how you’d chat with a millennial entrepreneur, isn’t so? Your group of audience decides how you talk.

The message you send is likewise madly vital to characterize the style. What you need to state will decide how you’ll have to state it. You’ll need to check whether you need to clarify something, recount a story, compare your brand with others et cetera. Contingent upon this, a few styles will work and some others won’t.

Lastly, you’ll need to consider the budget factor. Contingent upon the style you’ve decided for your explainer video, you’ll need to spend cash, so remember that when picking yours. Some can cost $500 while others can be as high as $25,000, so the spending plan clearly isn’t something to wheeze at.

Now, if you see, there are a lot of explainer videos styles from which you can pick, but here we have demonstrated two of the best videos for your next marketing campaign.


2D Character Animation

An animation is, at a very basic level, simply a set of pictures, called frames, immediately played along with a reel or timeline. So for what reasons does animation work? The marvel that empowers people to see animation is called Persistence of Vision, a hypothesis that assumes that an afterimage exists on the retina for one twenty-fifth of a second prior getting away from the present awareness, considering frames to seep into each other and make the view of motion.


  • Need to make your video super short (less than 90 seconds): cartoon animation enables you to convey your message entirely quick.         
  • Need to bring your brand a more individual/human approach.     
  • Need to influence people to laugh. This style allows you to include a decent measurement of humor without being as uncovered as you would be if other “fun contacts” flopped in different kinds of explainer marketing video.


2D Animation is the style that a great many people consider when they hear the word ‘animation’. This technique gives a range of conceivable outcomes in regard to colors, characters, and scenes.

Adaptability and control are at the cutting edge of this animation style. Animators and organizations cooperate to accomplish a brand-particular look and feel to their design. 2D animation isn’t only a prominent decision for businesses; your clients will love the result also!

A cost for 2D animation, similar to some other video style, rotates around numerous elements. These range from the content, storyboard, style outlines, voiceover, cartoon animation, illustration and special effects. The more detailed these elements are, more costly your video will be to create. As a business, you may as of now have elements of your video arranged, for example, content or a cartoon character.


Whiteboard video

Whiteboard video is an animated film that is made specifically in front of the viewer. It is one of the explainer video kinds.

The viewer of a whiteboard video sees pictures showing up and takes part in a story told by a storyteller. The story can be about new organization product, strategies for usage of its methodology or more unremarkable things, for example, manuals. In regards to the proper development of the content, the storyteller’s acting and, clearly, illustrations, the film draws consideration and stays in the viewer’s memory for quite a while. That is the reason videos, for example, whiteboard is broadly utilized as a part of marketing and internal communications.

On account of whiteboards, animated pictures appear one by one, without loading the viewer’s attention assets. The content of the script is chosen in such a way that the storyline goes smoothly. The whole script is read by a storyteller whose voice bolsters the way toward keeping up the viewer’s attention. On account of that, whiteboard videos take into consideration smooth securing of new information on a product, service or task.

As indicated by a few people, another favorable point of whiteboard videos over well known “talking heads” videos is the way that they are less difficult to our brains. A generous piece of the mind is in charge of facial acknowledgment and analysis of outward appearances. Assurance whether our questioner is inviting and which feelings is he/she encountering is completed on a continuous premise amid our ordinary contacts with other individuals. Be that as it may, on account of videos with talking heads, this outcome in the way that we center around the speaker, not on what he/she is saying. On account of whiteboard videos, this issue is non-existent as we see just pictures that complement the scripted message.


How do whiteboard videos emphatically impact the memorization capacities?

A standout amongst the most famous psychologists in the world – Prof. Richard Wiseman – directed an examination in which he showed two types of videos to 1,000 individuals. In one of them, he introduced information as a “talking head”. In the second one, he utilized just a voiced-over whiteboard video. The research demonstrated that the dominant part of members liked to watch the animated video and were additionally eager to share it with their friends. What was particularly intriguing was the way that people viewing the whiteboard video recollected 15% more data than the individuals who viewed a “standard” one.


Motion graphics video

Most likely, you’ve found about the motion graphics strategy however you don’t know about what this explainer video style is about, or how it can upgrade your video marketing technique. To begin, it’s outstanding amongst other styles to go out unique or complex thoughts and do it in an engaging and appealing way. In any case, there’s substantially more than that. What’s more, we will disclose to you the entire story about this style: highlights, advantages, usage and all that you have to know to receive the most in return. When you complete, you will comprehend why it’s such a valuable asset to incorporate into your marketing video.

You definitely realize that video content has an enormous capacity to improve your marketing system. On the off chance that we discuss animated marketing videos specifically, they are extraordinary compared to other tools you can depend on if you need to convey your business thought in a quick, straightforward and powerful way. You may likewise realize that there are distinctive explainer video styles. What’s more, among the wide assortment, movement designs emerge as a standout amongst the most well-known styles used by advertisers.

So you know that Motion graphics video is the style you require if you need to go out mind-boggling or abstract thoughts.


Yet, there are some particular highlights and qualities that influence it to emerge from whatever is left of the explainer video styles:

  • It’s known as a standout amongst the most elegant and sophisticated explainer video styles.     
  • It’s likewise observed as somewhat more formal than different kinds of videos.     
  • It makes a fascinating blend of vivid graphics to give your video an instructive approach, without losing its fascination.     
  • It’s outstanding amongst other styles to combine a thought. It’s ideal to pass out numbers, measurements, classes and particular realities that could be harder to impart using different styles.     
  • It’s a decent alternative to turn any sort of exhausting, dull or confounded information into the most engaging and appealing in content.


You additionally need to know that motion graphics video isn’t just about designs. However, it’s more than that: it’s about graphic in motion. You can say Animation, in easy words. Motion graphics video makes use of animated strategies to make designs truly wake up. Along these lines, a standout amongst other favorable benefits of this style is that it allows you to pass out a thought by making use of realistic graphic in movement. This is very vital for you, as it will enable your crowd to comprehend what your item is about, in only two or three seconds.

You’re most likely aware that advertisers are making use of visuals to impart their messages and thoughts and make it in an engaging and more justifiable way. This isn’t a coincidence: it’s simply that we’re all visual learners. This implies it’s more simple for every one of us to understand and recollect, later on, content that is bolstered by graphics, designs, charts, diagrams or some other visual component (remember that video content is extremely attractive, engaging and furthermore memorable). In light of this, Just Imagine the power video content can have, and significantly more if it has the “extra” of graphics in motion! Motion graphics fits superbly with this visual rationale and causes you to get to your audience with a convincing message.

I’m certain that you know how imperative motion graphics can be to improve your marketing video. It’s simply the ideal strategy to get to your audience with a straightforward yet convincing message by making use of the power of visuals. Additionally, you have learned the colossal advantages and great highlights this style offers both for B2C and B2B organizations and how you can use it to convey any sort of idea, regardless of how entangled or theoretical it is. I hope this information has been helpful, and continue surfing our blog for the most recent patterns, news, and tips on video marketing.


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