5 Key Strategies For Promotion Of Your Next Online Video

There are endless videos on YouTube that get published every day. Have you ever really wondered as to how you could push your online video to the very top and promote it in an apt manner? If you want to move your explainer video on the top of the rankings, you will need to employ the best strategies.
Here, we will talk about some of the most effective tips and strategies which will help you in promoting your next video in an apt manner.

1. Content is the king

The video can be made on a lot of different genres and content. When you want to focus on promotion and you are looking to create a wide enough audience, you should find out content that will appeal to a wider audience. There are a few categories of content which are a lot more likely to go viral.
So, it is upon you to spend some time in looking for the kind of content which you want to curate. Until and unless, your content is such that it will lure other customers, how are you ever going to make it work? Regardless of the amount of time it takes, you should analyze the content in an apt manner and then set down to make videos which are fresh, creative, original and should be liked by the audience at large.
Here are a few specific tips which you can use for the sake of finding the best content for your online video.
• Shorter videos seem to be the smarter choice because frankly no one has the time to watch an hour of insane (melo)drama
• Mostly, it is seen that humor can save the day. Make it a point to add some witty taglines and humor as and where needed as this can make things work for you.
• Pitch in some form of useful advice which makes the viewers wonder what you are going to offer next. This possibility of a hack or a tip can help you increase your followers and viewership count.
• Always keep an eye on the current viral stories and the top trends as well. Knowing about the trends is one of the best ways of finding out content most likely to go viral.
• Make smart use of animation as this is an extremely effective way of illustrating things in an interactive manner

2. Building an Email List

We know that most of you tend to think that email marketing is one of the oldest and the least effective method. However, this is totally not so. When you want your online video to be promoted in an orderly manner, having a huge email list is surely going to be one of the best things.
So, spend some time trying to build your email list in an effective manner. An email list is not very easy to build which is why you need to keep an eye on promotion strategies.
Work on your YouTube video channel. Look out for the possible ways by which you can lure more people to view it. You can have giveaways wherein you would request people to subscribe to your video channel. Have some kind of contests and promotion gigs from time to time.
Not only do you need to focus on building a larger and new email list, but at the same time, you also need to focus on ways by which you can entertain your existing subscribers too. When the unfollow/unsubscribe count starts getting very high, you will need to rethink your strategy one more time.
Look out for all the different ways you can possibly use. While we do agree that there are other marketing methods which can help in promotion, and we will deal with them later, but you need to target your email subscribers initially.
Moreover, you need to ensure that your email subscribers are not just an automated list of people. You have to ensure that you actually get click-through via the emails that are sent.

3. Sharing With Ease

When your main focus is to help in promoting your online video, you will have to be sure that you can offer easy sharing facilities. These days, the social networking channels are the most popular choice which means that all viewers should find it really easy to share your video.
If you have made the sharing process overly complex, most people are not likely to share your video and this is only going to mess the matters for you. So, you should offer varied options.
Some people may prefer Twitter to Facebook while others may still have a strong presence on sites like Tumbler and even StumbleUpon. You need to gauge the market and find out which are the top channels where your videos can be shared.
Try and add as many options as you can without making the interface too clumsy. You do not want to send a wrong message by offering a lackluster interface.
So, it is upon you to offer the right kind of sharing ease which will help your audience share your video wherever they like and that too with an alarming ease.

4. Social Channels

Such is the prolific importance of this point that we need to talk about it meticulously. When your focus is on promoting your videos and getting ample hits, you just cannot miss out on such channels. You will have to target at least three top channels which include
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
These three channels are responsible for driving the bulk of traffic. When people share your videos, their friends can share it too and it will fetch you cumulative traffic. The amount of promotion which videos can get via these channels is incomprehensible. In fact, it is impossible for most video channels to thrive unless they have a strong special presence. The more you understand this, the better it is for you.
In order to improve your social standing, you will need to first work on your page/profile. In the case of Facebook, you should make it a point to fetch ample likes for your Facebook page. Remember, Facebook tends to change its algorithm from time to time which makes it important for you to stay at the top of the game.
Look out for the paid promotion methods and feel free to check out the different ways by which you can build a sound presence. When your page has ample likes, it will itself convert into more traffic and so you will be able to improve the chances of your video going viral.

5. Publishing Schedule

Last but not the least; you cannot be complacent when it comes to making videos. If you have an erratic schedule and as such you do not update your videos at regular intervals, you will lose out on your popularity.
You will need to find out an apt schedule which can follow. Make sure to stick to it as closely as possible. After carrying out the research, we found that mostly video channels threat have a schedule and make videos at regular intervals are the ones which are likely to be a lot popular.
Prepare as few videos in advance and schedule them so that they get published at a date which is inconvenient to you. The best thing is that you can also share them in an automated manner too. So, even if you are out on a vacation, there is no need to halt your video channel.

These are five of the best tips which be helpful in promoting your next online video. If you follow these strategies, it is surely going to help you get a lot more hits. Of course, the kind of animation you use, whether it is an explainer video or some other kind, the genre of content, your social influence, the kind of graphic clarity it has and a whole lot of other factors would play an important role too.
Your main focus has to be the content and then you can develop the rest of the points in and around it. Even with the best tips, you won’t be able to work your magic if your video lacks the content which is needed to make it popular.

So, try these proven formulas and we are sure that you will succeed in your endeavor, after all, there are a lot of channels that manage to make viral videos regularly. If they can do it, you can do it too, all you need is a little self-belief and a sound strategy.

Get in the action and give yourself some time before the results begin to appear. It may take time but if you are honest with yourself and deploy it a systematic approach, it will eventually work out, it always does!

CallITMate | Cartoon Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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