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2015 is here and it’s time to shake up your business and brace yourself for the world of animated explainer videos. Explainer videos are the future of online marketing and we will tell you all you need to know about creating an animated explainer video that really works! Keep reading and you will find all the necessary information that you need to create a perfect explainer video that will boost the conversion rate of your business.

It’s all about creating an engaging script

Explainer video is basically a visual extension of your script. A well-made script is the most important part of putting together your explainer video. It’s important that your script clearly explains your offering in a way that everyone can understand, especially your target audience. Finding the right creative team/service is the key to achieving this. For example, check out the video below and you will realize the significance of a well-made script.

Keep your animated explainer videos simple

A good explainer video must contain the following four information:

  • The problem: Explain the pain points of your customers that your product targets to solve.
  • The solution: Introduce your product as the answer to the above problem.
  • How it works: Describe your offering/service in a meaningful manner that makes the decision-making for your customers a lot easier.
  • Include a call to action: Tell the people where they can find your services and get in touch with you.

Additionally, you can add something extra to make your animated explainer videos a little more entertaining for your target audience like some humor or maybe an element of surprise.

Watch the below video and notice how all these pieces are put together:

Keep your video short and concise

Average Viewers attention span range from 60-100 seconds. Therefore, your animated explainer videos should say more with fewer words. The industry standards recommend a video of 150-180 words, that is, roughly around 1 minute. Remember, the longer your video goes, the more is the chance of the viewer to quit the video in between, without arriving at the call of action, which is basically the main reason why your video was created in the first place.

Hire a professional voice over artist

Once you have your script written, it’s time to hire someone who can convey your message in a tone that perfectly reflects the flow of your script. Generally, it is a good idea to hire an explainer video production company that offers multiple VO artists so that you can have multiple options to choose from. Hiring a professional via agents or through online searches is also not a bad idea.

Find a good explainer video production company

This is the most significant part of your whole process. It doesn’t matter if you only have a well-written script or an excellent voice over artist. What matters most is that you are hiring a professional explainer video production company or not. Quite simply, visuals are the lifeline of your animated explainer videos. When someone watches your video, they should be able to relate to them just like we relate ourselves to the characters while watching a movie. The impression that your explainer video left on your viewer’s mind will entice him to take the necessary call to action which is the main motto of creating an explainer video. Direct your target customer towards your product by helping him understand how your product can help him bring a change in his life.

So, if you are ready to tell a story about your business in a meaningful way that can captivate your audience, Transpixel Studio is one such company specializing in creating high quality animated explainer videos that are used by both small businesses and global corporations to simplify their product offerings. We have produced hundreds of explainer videos and we pride ourselves in producing a video that explains “what you do” in a short, engaging and fun way, the way you and your customers like it!

Check out our product video below and make up your own mind!

Transpixel Studio Intro from transpixel Studio on Vimeo

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