10 proven ways to generate leads using explainer videos

An engaging video content can dramatically enhance the time that a potential lead spends on your website. In any scenario, effectively a serious communication with potential leads starts from here. To exploit the traffic that is a direct result of your website’s video content you have to roll out vital improvements to the explainer video for Lead generation.
Video marketing is becoming the dominant with regards to B2B lead generation, as per a Software Advice benchmark report.
Regardless of whether it is B2C or B2B, video marketing is the best method for enhancing lead generation. Organizations, for example, our own, have officially recognized the significance of video marketing to impact purchase choices and have made it a basic part of our content marketing service. So, on the off chance that you are hoping to draw in excellent leads to enhance your conversion rates, utilize video to its maximum capacity by making sure that it is hitting the right cord with your target audience.
80 percent of the participants of the recent Demand Gen survey said that they favor intuitive content. A research even predicts that video content will make up a noteworthy segment (around 69 percent) of the buyer web traffic by 2017. The question is how to do it? Below mentioned are some of the proven ways to generate maximum lead out of Video marketing and why you should consider it above all.

1: Types of Videos that Work Best

You may have one question as a main priority: What sort of videos are the best to get the maximum of lead generation? Here are the three kinds of videos that will work for your best benefit.
a) The Explainer Video
These are basic and direct videos that offer the visitor with enough data about products or services. In spite of the fact that explainer videos are thought to be top-of-the-funnel marketing videos; if the explainer video is captivating enough, you can effectively drive your audience down the funnel.
b) Educational Video
With a specific end goal to enhance awareness, branding and viewership, you have to offer a certain value to your audience and this is precisely what the educational videos do. Educational videos can be exceptionally compelling in the event that you can address particular issues that your audience confronts.
c) Promotional videos
Promotional videos help in expanding conversation, Awareness and engagement, yet you should ensure they are enlightening and engaging. Promotional videos give you the chance to convey your messages in an innovative way to the targeted audience.So relying upon your objectives, you should pick the type of video that would work best for you.

2: Clear Call-To-Action

Making a top-notch and engaging animated video isn’t sufficient; you have to consider approaches to gain the visitor’s consideration even after the video is finished. The greatest video portals like YouTube and Vimeo offer “recommended

content” after the video ends, so they can keep their guests hooked onto their site. On the off chance that the visitors get distracted and move onto some other site or brand, they may forget you totally. So ensure you incorporate an appropriate call-to-action, at a key point inside or toward the finish of video, to enable the guests to play out a particular task or divert them to related content. The CTA would rely upon the part of sales funnel where you need the audience to be directed.


3: The length of Video

Keeping in mind the end goal to help lead generation, it is essential that you make sure that your Explainer video meets the ideal length. As per Orbit Media the ideal length for a YouTube video is in the average of 3 and 3.5 minutes. The Forbes/Google Insights Report of ‘Video in the C-Suite’ found that the vast majority of the executives incline toward videos that are three to five minutes in length.
A few people are of the assessment that the perfect length of the video would rely upon the reason for the video, yet when in doubt of thumb, it is best to keep the video length between two to five minutes. Keep in mind, if your videos are engaging enough you can defy every one of the norms. A popular YouTube video which was around 7 minutes in length garnished more than 50 million views, simply because it was entertaining.
So your main focus should be making videos that are high in the entertainment section, yet they should offer most extreme value to the audience.

4: Determine the type of videos

With a specific end goal to make compelling videos you have to characterize your targeted audience first. Comprehend what they require and what their requests are. By characterizing your audience, you

will likewise get a thought regarding the sort of videos that will work best for you, as far as engaging and attracting the audience is concerned. Another preferred standpoint of characterizing your audience is that you can be particular and much focused on videos with straightforward yet impactful messages in the most practical way.

Whitepapers and online classes like webinars can be extremely successful in producing quality lead generation, yet regularly the visitors may get overwhelmed, so to catch the eye, you can make a video that offers educational content in the most engaging way.

5: Landing page

On the off chance that you need to catch the contact information of your prospects, you have to set up a gate on your explainer video. According to the customary marketing procedure, ordinarily, the inbound advertisers make a landing page with an email address and some other kind of data before sharing the video on a redirecting link.
You should realize that this kind of gate is most reasonable for mid-funnel videos. For instance, simply imagine that you’re content to trail to lead a prospect to your demo video. Just the demo video is gated while all the content leading them to the demo content is un-gated. This empowers you to know the quantity of leads that will look for more data to get that specific video. You will locate some awesome quality leads on the off chance that you have offered them a few decent quality best of-the-funnels content.

6: Un-gated videos

Product videos are one of the most popular videos that are high in demand after due to being all the more regularly utilized. It would be a great idea to utilize such videos to catch leads.
The need is to offer some un-gated content to your targeted audience as the initial step of their purchasing procedure. To be exact, it won’t be a smart thought to request or demand information upfront. Instead of deciding on this, you should endeavor to look to your lower funnel item videos and marketing content that can assist you with capturing leads and lend you some benefit.


7: Give attention to Content

Lead generation starts in the very first moment you spread out your entire marketing technique. In the event that you don’t comprehend the fundamental instruments of that procedure, at that point you’re destined to fail. Video marketing isn’t the exception to this law – quite the contrary. In the event that you genuinely need videos capable for getting attention and producing leads, at that point you have to consider it while on the planning phase.
What would it be advisable for you to focus on here? Huge amount of stuff: The nature of the video (from the shooting/movement to the sound) is essential to get individuals snared and indicate you’re dead serious about your business. The character creation is likely a key for the audience to relate to what’s happening on the screen (so make certain the characters look, talk and act like your audience).

8: Live Videos

We are living in the era of innovation, web and social media. The rage for live videos has taken individuals hostage to its charms. Go-live pattern has caught the classes and masses both via web-based networking media. This can be a decent and safe alternative for catching leads. A live video marketing technique gets more achievement when an arrangement is booked routinely as it can furnish the watchers with the esteem that they expect and furthermore gives them the motivation to return. A brand can routinely plan live videos and its series to expand its online appearance.

9: Robust video marketing strategy 

A tip that may feel more extensive than those above yet that is similarly important. Ordinarily all through this article we’ve discussed ‘the video.’ This was only a comfort. On the off chance that you genuinely need to boost up your lead generation through video, at that point you have to think about a greater video marketing system . A basic video can be an extraordinary starting (like an explainer video, for instance) yet it won’t go anyplace if left alone. You’ll have more opportunities to build your transformations with video by making an ever increasing number of videos. A strong video marketing procedure around these contents can make your image more noticeable, stretch out your span to a more extensive audience, make more trust in your organization and furnish you with more chances to make leads.

10: Ending with a form

At last, once you include video content all through your site, you can fuse a shape that shows up when the video is finished. This frame can be included through the video creation programming you use to make your videos, or it can be made as a strategically planned fly up those exclusive shows up when your potential client is leaving the page. The more consistent and basic you make rounding out a frame in the wake of viewing a video, the more leads that you will create with video content.


Videos can produce more sales and add to your lead generation efforts. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you genuinely need to exploit them, you need to focus on all that we said here. From making a short, engaging and straightforward video with a reasonable and compact CTA to building a landing page around it, there are a lot of things you can do to increase the forces of video while creating leads.
The best thing is that you can begin at this moment! Basically get the opportunity to work or contact an accomplished video specialist that can assist you with this and you’ll see that, once your video is up, your leads will begin heaping up!

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