The science of growing your YouTube channel

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If a video is published on YouTube and gets no views, what purpose does it solves?

This is a question, every video creator or marketer has to deal with.

With 300 hrs of video uploaded to the system every min, it can be tough for any kind of YouTubers that are trying to put their message out in the world.

Creating your YouTube channel is an art but promoting it is a science.
Thankfully, there are proven strategies that you can use to not only make your videos go viral but gain more eyeballs for your YouTube channels as well.

1. Create incredible titles

What’s the first thing you notice when looking at the video search results? TITLE, right? Your viewers are going to choose the video that has an attention-grabbing title. That can convince viewers to give a part of their time to watch that video.

This means that your title needs to be:

  • Short as well as to the point
  • Detailed and consist of search phrases

If your video’s title is too long to show the complete sentence or if it doesn’t consist an exact summary then there is a high chance that your viewers will not click to view it. To enhance the discoverability of your video, do not miss to include relevant key phrases that are related to your video content.

2. Develop clear YouTube Thumbnails

Along with your video clip’s title, the thumbnail is one more critical component when it comes to attract the viewers’ attention and get them to click on your video. Even if your title is amazing if you have a boring or out of place thumbnail image your target audience is a lot less likely to click on or share, your video.

The good news is that YouTube has some official recommendations for you :

  • Make your thumbnail as big as possible.
  • It should have a resolution of 1280 × 720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels).
  • Upload the thumbnail in image formats such as as.JPG, GIF, BMP, or.PNG.
  • Keep the file size under 2MB.
  • Attempt to utilize a 16:9 aspect proportion as it’s the most common format on YouTube

It will certainly be a lot simpler to promote your YouTube channel if your web content makes sense, and your thumbnail is a crucial part of this.

thumbnail, youtube, video

3. Improve your branding

Create a compelling and clear profile with an extensive summary of what your channel is all about.

  • Ensure that design wise your account is in alignment with your other social networks i.e. they follow same color scheme, logo, and general look and feel.
  • Add social media site symbols (for your other networks).
  • Add personalized banners and design.

Having your YouTube network echo the brand you’ve worked so hard to develop will certainly assist in your video promotion efforts and help your audience to quickly identify your videos among the sea of other videos.

4. Video SEO.

The key to promote your youtube channel and putting your videos in front of your audience is to do proper Search Engine Optimization for each of your videos. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet. So when you the SEO of your video you help it rise above other videos and with each jump in the ranking, you start to get more and more clicks and views.

While ranking a video, YouTube’s algorithm considers the following key factors:

  • Title with keywords included in it.
  • Key phrases in the description tag
  • Video Tags
  • Video duration
  • Number of Likes
  • Comments

Think about what your audience is searching on YouTube and start working in reverse to reach the exact video idea for your YouTube channel.

  • After the video is done, below are some suggestions to satisfy the key factors shared above :
  • Write long video descriptions, as “the more YouTube understands about your video, more confident it becomes in placing your video in the search results for that targeted keyword.
  • Optimize the description around “key phrases” that you are targeting.
  • Send some social juice back to the video by sharing it places like Quora, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Ask your audience to like and subscribe. It always works.
  • Develop keyword-rich playlists.

5. Focus on engaging your audience

While SEO can help in increasing the exposure of your YouTube channel, nothing compares to genuine engagement with your audience.

Here are some actionable steps :

  • Like any other social media network, YouTube is a social platform. You can locate places (think Reddit, Tumblr) on the internet where you will find sub-communities(think subreddit) for every topic under the sun. So the chances are high that you can find a niche audience for your video.
  • Once you succeed in finding the niche audience who appreciate your videos and respond positively, they will start to come back to your channel for more.
  • This is where asking them to like, share and subscribe becomes important. Since they are enthusiastic and supportive of your channel, they will share your videos and subscribe your channel to extend their support to your channel
  • They will also share genuine feedback with you in the form of comments. Respond to them and try to add more value to your project by listening to your to core audience.

6. Contests.

A great way to involve with your very own target market and expand your clients is to hold a competition. Everyone enjoys free stuff
Upload a call-to-action video announcing the contest and also the basic summary and also rules, as well as motivate your target market to share this in their network.

Here are some ideas:

  • Asking visitors to leave a comment in exchange for entry.
  • Ask non-subscribers to get in by signing up for your network.
  • Run a “video competition” where other users have to publish a video of themselves talking or making use of regarding your services or product.
  • Have users submit their video clips and have other users vote for the best one

Competitions are an excellent way to engage your target market and also advertise your YouTube channel among not just your existing audience but to the newer audience as well.

7. Team up.

Collaborating with other YouTube channels is an effective way to expand your network. This way you will not only get direct exposure to the audience of that channel, but you will also bring a new f ace for your audience back at your channel. Especially when the channel your are teaming up with is from your industry then you will be adding value to your YouTube audience.

Here are some ideas for collaboration :

  • Guest appearances.
  • Making a partnership video with each other.
  • Guest vlogs.
  • Exchanging mentions.

vLog - teamup

8. Connect with your target market.

For experienced social video channel, this might appear obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that YouTube marketers can advertise their channel by communicating with their target market. If your subscribers ask questions or concerns, reply promptly and thoroughly. Never leave someone that has taken the time to give you honest feedback or ask you a question hanging (unless they’re obvious trolls).

One more way to interact with your audience is to develop a sense of community with a Q&A video. Utilizing a call-to-action video clip or other social channels, ask your audience members as well as clients to present their most important questions, and afterward create a video answering them in detail.

Your audience will appreciate you giving the answers to their questions and sharing your honest point of view.
A delighted viewer is a delighted subscriber.

9. Create playlists.

YouTube playlists are an excellent means to bring your videos on a common topic at a single place. So if your one video can attract your viewers’ attention, then it will automatically pass that attention to the other videos in your playlist.

Develop a custom checklist of video clips that mirror your brand voice as well as are relevant to your market, and also motivate your audience to share not just your video clip but the whole playlist.

  • There are some clear benefits of creating YouTube playlists:
  • Better search rankings (as watch time is an aspect, and playlists urge individuals to spend more time watching your video clips).
  • Extra chances to rank (as your playlists show up in YouTube’s search results page, Google search engine result, and suggested video clip areas).
  • More keyword targeting chances (” Because playlists look like different entities, they additionally assist you ranking for keywords you may not be targeting with specific videos”).
  • Bring more eyeballs to your lesser viewed video clips (when you blend in prominent videos with less popular ones).

10. Add calls-to-action.

Developing wonderful content is important. But if you aren’t asking your visitors to perform a clear action after watching your video, then you’re missing out on massive possibilities to promote to grow your YouTube channel.
You can use your call-to-action for anything from asking viewers to share your videos to have them ask questions. The opportunities for a call-to-action are endless and will do wonders for your channel.

Here are some incredible examples of what type of calls-to-action you could include in your YouTube videos.

  • Ask them to share their thoughts
  • Fill in a form
  • Signup for a webinar
  • Subscribe, Share, Like the video
  • Promote any giveaway you might be having
  • Watch one more video clip

Giving your viewers clear call for action is a sure shot way to keep them hooked to your channel.

That it!

These are some of the ways you can promote your channel and bring more views to your videos.
Remember, there are no quick fixes. It takes hard work and if you are persistent with your efforts you will 100% see positive results.

Here is an example with a clear call for action

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