Why Online Video Ads Have Higher Impact Than TV Ads

Gone are the days, when there were a few channels and people use to gather around a lone Television in the house for watching their prime time shows. With the increase in avenues of entertainment and decreasing attention span, it is rare for an individual to spend time on a single channel for entertainment or any work related purpose. In the changing dynamics, it becomes imperative to identify the target audience and broadcast the advertisements to them specifically.In comparison to the television ads, the online video ads fare better than the television ads because they can be targeted to specific customers, guaranteeing higher conversion and retention.

The television advertisements have been a prerogative of big firms that could afford the big budgets. The online video advertisements have changed the dynamics. They are easy to create and are less costly to broadcast. Today, a lot lesser known companies and even small start-ups are creating the online video ads. A number of broadcasting and social networking sites have made it economical to propagate these video to the masses.Because of these inherent differences, the online video advertisements are more efficient and cheaper than thetelevision ads.

The web is a mine of data about anything and everything. The online video advertisements are better as theyallow the customers to present their feedback instantly. The feedback can be monitored and analysed to understand the customers’ likes and dislikes on a product or a service. A company can utilize various analytics tools to gather the user feedback about a product from the scores of blogs, networking sites and various forums.An online video advertisement campaign can be made interactive for the potential customer to check out the product and collect their reviews. In contrast, a television advertisement is not interactive and can’t provide great insights by a mere TRP rating of the prime shows.

As the explainer video are designed on a solid script and engaging visuals, it captures the attention of audience better than a television ad. The explainer videos are especially helpful if a complicated product or service needs to be advertised.Moreover, an explainer video has‘call to action’ that helps to persuade the customers to either subscribe to a channel or share the video.An explainer video can be shared easily on various social networking communities, enabling to propagate the ideas faster. Though there’s no formula for going viral, an explainer video is the first step towards it.

Most of the businesses in the today’s world are shifting towards mobile based applications. According to a research, most of the netizens spend their online hours on a mobile device. In this changing scenario, when the television itself is being presented as an application on mobile platforms, it makes more sense to advertise online than offline. An online video campaign fetchesmaximum eyeballs andprovides a unique opportunity for a company to engage with its customers to assess the features of its product or service.The feedback from the customer can be utilized to improve upon the customer experience and improve the conversion rate.

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