An Introduction To Explainer Video- Everything You Need To Know

You must have heard about explainer video so many times that you might wonder what all this fuss is about. What the heck is an explainer video and how does it differs from any other video on the net. Let us try to answer this question.

Most of us prefer to see videos of various products before arriving at any decision to buy a particular product. Today, no one has the time to browse through countless websites to explore the options available to them. They want an instant solution to help them make informed decisions without wasting their time and effort. And this is where explainer video comes handy.

Explainer video is a short, fun and informative video that is targeted towards simplifying the concept of your business using visuals and narration. The main idea of an explainer video is to educate your customer about how product/service can solve their problems and make their life easier. To get your message across, you need to put your offering in clear and concise words that can tell the story of your business in a meaningful way. However, you must take care of the fact that the professionalism and fun part of your explainer video don’t go lost in your effort to create a detailed video.

How Explainer Video can benefit your business?

The amount of time spend by your visitor on your website can go a long way in determining the long-term ranking of your site. More the visitors, more is the chance of converting them into your regular customers. This is the primary reason why the concept of explainer video has exploded in the past few years. Here we have listed some of the primary benefits of producing an explainer video for your business:

1) Boost your conversion rate : According to a survey, 90 percent of people prefer to buy a product after seeing the product explainer video. That means increased number of customers which provides an opportunity for increased sales and profit. You can also keep track of the number of views and comments on your explainer video to get an idea of latest trends in the industry.

2) Bring attention towards your product : Most people do not prefer to read long manuals or read the text on your website. It is too boring for them. Even researchers have found that the attention span of a normal human being increases drastically while watching a video as compared to reading a text document. Thus, an engaging and captivating explainer video gives the viewer a more of a chance to understand your product while drawing some much-needed attention from him/her.

3) Generate interest among your customers : A well-made explainer video that puts your business in good light can be a boon for your business. Explainer videos are a great way to generate interest among your customers, no matter how complex your service is. All you have to do is to get the right message across your viewers through a perfectly made explainer video.

4) It’s good for your customers too : You might not realize it immediately, but your customers also need some help in reaching out to you. How one is expected to reach his destination when he doesn’t know the exact address. An ideal call-to-action in your explainer video will help your customer find your address and make an immediate connection with you.

5) Helps you rank better in search engines : Explainer videos are all about marketing. Their main purpose is to convince the viewer to click on your link and visit your website. This results in better rankings and if you boast of good website content, you have a pure gold in your hands! The word about your website is going to get across the web through social media sharing, forums and video sharing sites where your customers will help you bring even more customers to you.

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Russ Brown Motercycle Attorneys | Animated Business Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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