Significance Of CTAs For Your Animated Explainer Video

So, you have made an engaging animated explainer video which entices your viewer to get towards the end of your video. Now is the time for the unofficial handshake and close the deal. It’s time for the call to action, or CTA, as some people love to call it. But wait, there are so many CTAs for so many explainer videos out there, how can we decide which one is the right fit for our animated explainer video.

Traditionally, it might be tempting to put a link to your website or your product link as popular call-to-action. However, many explainer video production houses today are trying for more radical CTAs in order to lure the customers to take their preferred call to action. It might come in the form of a logo, an image, a discount offer or subscribing to the weekly newsletter with some added benefits. But, the most important thing about this ever-evolving marketing strategy is the desire to stay ahead of your competition and boost your conversion rate.

Below are some of the useful tips that will help you determine the right call to action for your animated explainer video:

1) If your viewer is watching your video at some social networking sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion or even Facebook, the first task for you is to drive your customer to your website. Annotations can be a great way to prevent your viewer from moving onto the other distracting things on the social sites. A good call to action, in this case, is “Visit our website “ etc.

2) Once they are on your website, it’s time to give them that next step. Your animated explainer video that features on your website should have your desired call to action, the actual action that you want your visitor to take so that they can become your customer. This will almost most certainly look like “Download Now”, or “Add to your cart” or “Join our campaign” or something along those lines.

3) You can offer your viewer to watch some more of your animated explainer videos by using CTA like “Subscribe us to watch more videos like this”. You can also encourage your customer to get in touch with you through call or email or maybe both. Having more than one CTA at the end of your video is a good idea to have.

4) Beware of using the CTAs that do nothing to promote your animated explainer video. Simply putting a “Join Me Now” button at the end of the video where your visitor is stuck if he/she doesn’t respond or else they cannot enter your website is a very risky option to consider, especially if you are asking them to fill some lengthy forms. It will create pressure on your visitor to either fill the form or go somewhere else.

5) Some of the other good CTA options to consider are:
• Asking the viewer to join the conversation at your discussion board or through a dedicated hash tag
• Bring out a poll to capture the attention of your viewer
• Offer a free trial or some discount coupons or some other exciting service
• Sign up for your next webinar/tutorials, etc. if you are conducting them on a regular basis

Simply put, your call to action at the end of your animated explainer video is the main purpose you made the video in the first place. It may be for boosting your visibility, selling your product, making profits or just for informative purpose. The most important thing to understand here is that you should be clear about the action that you want your viewer to take at the end of your animated explainer video. Because if you can see the appeal in your own animated explainer video, your customers will most likely see them too!

If you feel that this post missed something or if you have some example of good CTA videos, feel free to comment below.

Mynext Potluck | Custom Animation from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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