Making An Affordable Explainer Video

Explainer videos as we all know are short videos spanning around a minute or so intended to illustrate the products or the services offered by a company. They use concise language combined with effective and entertaining visuals. The intention is not only to explain but also to entertain at the same time so that it can be an engaging experience for the target audience. But the real challenges to produce an affordable explainer video within your budget.

And today with the remarkable development in the fields of video and animation, various easy to use explainer video creation tools have become available to anyone and everyone. Tools like GoAnimate allow even a normal human being to produce effective explainer videos which are quite suitable at least for small to mid-range businesses.
However the big business houses resort to professional explainer video makers that are effective and skilled at this job. The entire process is made up of a series of steps and takes considerable time to finalize.

Explaining The Process

The most general steps include:
1. Deciding your budget to make an affordable explainer video
2. Research on the topic
3. Developing the Script
4. Defining the style to be employed
5. Assembling the storyboard
6. Generating the voice-over
7. Designing the animation
8. Devising the background music and effects.
9. Revising and Finalizing

From the details of the process it is not difficult to perceive that the cost of making such a video by a well-known professional is going to be an expensive affair. However, it is also a fact that the impact of such a video made with genuine artistry and craftsmanship is much higher than the one made by a common person utilizing the tools freely available to him via the internet.
However, in today’s highly competitive market, having an affordable explainer video done by professional hands is not at all difficult. In fact, nowadays there are numerous animation studios that create such videos at a cheaper rate. One can research online to get the available explainer video pricing around him and can choose the one that suits him the best.

However the price can largely vary depending on various associated factors such as level of customization, intensity of the details, depth of the quality, turnaround time and certainly the demand or the popularity of the producer. The cost of an animated explainer video of 60 second lengths can range from $1,000 to $10,000 and even more. On an average it can be $5000 to $7000 if you hire a moderately reputed producer.
Most of the people get surprised or rather shocked when they when they hear for the first time the cost of making an explainer video. You might wonder how such a 60 second video can be worth of that lofty a price. But when you practically get to know the entire process and the time involved in the purpose your shock would surely pacify to a great extent. Believe it or not, such a one minute project takes around a month or two and in some cases even more to complete. However, the most important aspect of all these processes is the produce an affordable explainer video which is not only effective but also fits your budget perfectly. Therefore, it is important to understand explainer video pricing structure before deciding to produce a video.

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Kawabang Service Explainer Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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