6 Reasons Explaining Complex Concepts With Explainer Video Helps

To thrive in today’s global competition, businesses are always on the hunt for new marketing tactics that can help take their business to the zenith. Video marketing is one such strategy, which has become a hit among today’s business space. Whereas a normal video explaining your products and services works, an explainer video can be more beneficial for your marketing strategy.

An explainer video is a very short animated video which is used to describe your company’s services, products and project in a cartoon style. This is a very effective way as it helps the viewers understand complex concepts easily. By explaining the same through writings, the consumers may lose interest after reading a few lines as no one likes to read about complex subjects. But, when the same is done through animation, it has more impact. Here are the reasons why-

  1. Simplifying the concept is easy

In animated videos you can give life to almost all non living things. For example, if you are selling furniture or providing home renovation services, a written content may appear boring for the consumer to read. But, with an Explainer Video you can give eyes and lips to the chairs and tables, as well as the house and make them speak for themselves. This is a good way to keep the viewers engaged with the video and make them understand the services properly.

  1. You can use splashes of colour

You can add infographics and colour to your explainer video to make it more alluring. Colourful and animated stuffs attracts the viewers easily. Colours can be attached to highlight various stuffs like cultural or social connotations. Hence, you can add splashes of colour to your video to explain various stuffs like green for freshness or environment related issues, blue for social media or maybe you want to show that someone is too tired with a certain work in red and when they use your service they become happy by making the characters green etc.

  1. User friendly

Explainer videos run well on the mobile devices and hence makes it easier for the viewers to watch it in their leisure time like in a coffee shop or before sleeping. These are such times of the day, when someone will not really like to read about a product and services or watch a boring video. But , with animated and colourful video your services and products can really catch the eyes of the consumer.

  1. A video full of humour helps

By making your video humourous you can achieve your goal. No one likes to watch boring videos. Hence, you can add some comedy in your video to make it more attractive. Remember the cartoon Tom and Jerry? We use to love it due to the humourous factor in it. People generally tend to remember the videos which are different and hence a comedy factor can fulfill in achieving it.

So, if you are looking for a great and effective video marketing strategy, consider an animated short explainer video with splashes of colour and humour. For a good and professional explainer video, Contact Transpixel Studio. We create all kinds of videos for an effective video marketing, for small as well as large budgets and in various styles.

Fundr | Motion Graphics Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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