Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Whiteboard Animation in Your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is arguably the commonest digital marketing strategy today. Owing to their unrivaled attention-grabbing property and ease of use, videos have easily outfoxed other digital media to be the ultimate choice for effective digital marketing.

At Transpixel Studio, we specialize in technically all video marketing strategies including whiteboard animation, explainer videos, demo videos and cartoon videos. Below, we’re going to briefly outline 5 factors that hallmark whiteboard animation as an ideal video marketing strategy for most businesses.

1. Captivating content

Whiteboard animation entails using interesting characters and voice over narration to explain any process, product or service. Regardless of the complexity of the task, whiteboard animations simplify the explanation to likeable levels.

At Transpixel Studio, we delve to produce simple yet attention-grabbing whiteboard animations that will enthrall your audience and hike your conversion rates.

2. Cost effectiveness

Unlike other more graphic-laden videos, whiteboard animations utilize relatively less graphics, less storage space and less running time. This makes them a cheaper option for video marketing.

Transpixel Studio produces high quality whiteboard animations befitting any budget. We factor in the complexity of your animation’s desired characters, the total running time of the animation and the quality of audio to produce top quality whiteboard animations for any budget.

3. Memorable

Digital marketers unanimously agree that announcements, advertisements and sales details delivered through video content are more easily remembered as compared to those that utilize plain text or static media. Incorporate favorable voiceover narration and the simple characters that define whiteboard animation and you’ll have a lasting impression on your viewers.

Transpixel Studio’s specialists understand that simple but effective graphics are easily remembered. They leverage this to tailor your whiteboard animation using special characters and fitting narration to make your product or service unforgettable to viewers.

4. Ease of Development

Compared to other forms of videos, whiteboard animations are easier to produce. This is mostly due to the simpler process involved and the availability of whiteboard animation development software.

Whiteboard animation production entails simple processes of explaining a script with harmonized voiceover narration, interesting characters and fitting graphic designs. This process is simpler than most video production processes that require long video run time, complex audio and tenacious editing.

At Transpixel Studio, our Whiteboard Animation Studio is run by adept animation designers who deftly merge your desired script with amazing graphics and suitable voice over narration to produce enchanting whiteboard animations that will help you expand your viewer audience and increase conversion to customers.

5. Timely

Due to their target specificity, whiteboard animations are designed to occupy the least possible time span while still delivering the intended message successfully. This makes them considerably shorter when compared to other video marketing strategies like cartoon and demo videos.

Additionally, whiteboard animations require less production time than other videos due to their structural simplicity and the relatively less graphics and audio inclusions.

Transpixel Studio experts delve to produce top grade whiteboard animations in the least time possible while still paying attention to your budget constraints.

We hope that the aspects outlined above will help you to gain a deeper perspective of whiteboard animations and determine whether it’s a plausible video marketing strategy for your establishment.

Mailresumes | Animated Explainer Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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