4 Ways To Use Humor In Your Next Animated Video

It’s long known that a smile is the shortest distance between two people. The advertising agencies can utilize this basic human psychology to produce great animated videos. Adding an element of humor or surprise helps in keeping the audience engaged. If an animation video can tickle the humor bone of an audience, it breeds familiarity and engages the audience well.

The four ways to use humor in your next animated video are:
1) A catchy witty title and a caption can help increase the traffic to the animated video. The title and the caption of the animated video should be relevant to the video theme, but interesting enough to draw the attention of the target audience.

2) In the world of short attention span, the humor in the animation video can help to hook to the audience’s attention in the initial few seconds, leading them to watch the animation video at length. The animation video script should start with a funny anecdote and should get to the main message right away. The animation video shouldn’t place too much emphasis on the humor or the animation video will come across as a comedy script than a promotional video. A right mix of humor with a professional script gets across the message to the audience and makes the audience look forward to the brand.

3) Through the length of the animation video, the humor should be placed strategically. The humor in the animation video should complement the message. The humor in the script breeds familiarity and engagement with the audience. A cannonade of humor can help engage with the audience and communicate the message that would have been otherwise drab. The touch of humor makes the message easily digestible for the viewers.

4) An animation video can use anecdote or can lampoon a cartoon to make people laugh. The cartoon character can become a face for the business and help in word-of-mouth advertisement. It is more important for the firms that operate online to make their presence felt. A cartoon character or a mascot goes a long way to leave the mark of a brand on the target audience.

Just go through our product video below to get a more clear perspective on how to use humor for an engaging story telling.

The humor works if it’s interesting and not common. The creativity in humor is an important aspect and an advertising firm should come up with the out-of-the-box humorous. The humor should be intelligent and quick, but should not overpower the message that the explainer video intents to communicate.

The advertising agencies should take extra caution to not sound sarcastic in their attempt to be humorous. Most people don’t take the sarcasm kindly and may not take a business seriously if it comes off as sarcastic. Moreover, the cultural differences between the target audience and the advertising agency should not result into an animation video that is out rightly offensive to the target audience. The humor is a great tool for a brand to engage with the target customer, but it takes an extra effort on the part of the advertising agency to utilize it to boost the sales.

RTO | Video Animation from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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