5 things to consider before picking a video production company

Once a firm has decided to create an explainer video as a part of its marketing strategy, the crucial decision is to choose a video production company that can execute the task to perfection. It requires a deliberate and methodical approach to pick a video production company that can deliver on the promise and that too within time. The five foremost things that need to be considered answered for picking a video production company are:

1) Is the video production company reliable?
The experienced video production company has an eye for details. It understands the challenges that it is headed against and plan the resource, time and budget correctly. Thus, it always pays to invest time and resources in picking a reliable video production company. The feedback from the past clients of a video production company can be utilized to check the reliability of a video production company. It gives an essence of their engagement, team work and versatility. Even after the entire grind, it is always wise to get a guarantee that the video company partner puts a dedicated team on the job.

2) Does a video production company aligned with your company culture?
A video production company should be an extension to the client’s team. The work, style and personality of the video production partner should be aligned with the client’s team. A video production company needs to ask vital questions to the client team and feed in great ideas. For the swift exchange of ideas between the client team and the video production partner, the culture in the two companies should be similar.

3) Does the company use innovative ideas?
The purpose of any online marketing video is to stand out amongst the rest of the competitors. A video production company is entrusted with the job to bring out the unique selling points of a product in the most creative ways. A video production company that strives to create truly unique work that stands out from the pack should be the best bet. In order to check if a video production company uses original and creative ideas, their previous work needs to be examined.If nothing conclusive can be drawn out from that effort, the video production company should be asked to pitch in a few ideas. This simple exercise will help in checking whether the video production partner has the ability to come up with something special.

4) Is the production quality good enough?
To avoid any surprise post-production, the production quality of a video production company should be inspected beforehand. A poor video quality can take the sheen away from an entertaining explainer video.To check the production quality of video production company, its recent works can be checked. The recent works delivers an accurate representation of the current equipment and talent a video production company brings to the table.
5) Is the video production company affordable?

Every company has got a different cost budget allocated for marketing and in each cost budget there’s a video production company that fits the bill. Before starting on the video production partner hunt, a firm should list down all the features or ideas that are must to have in the video and the ones that can be compromised. Once done, the video production partner hunt should commence. The adage that the cheap comes at a premium may not be always true.For hiring a video production company within the allocated budget, the competitive bids from the prospective vendors should be invited. The video production companies that are technically as well as commercially viable should be considered for entrusting the task.


Here is an example of a video we created for our client

majikal | Animated Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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