Back To The Basics | Must Know Facts About Explainer Video

Just as ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, an explainer video can communicate high-impact messages, a complex story or an abstract idea in a much more eloquent way to the potential audience than any other online medium. An explainer or animation video is a short, engaging, online video that explains and promotes a company’s product or service.

Internet is a web of trillions of websites with millions of web page content getting created every day. A good online marketing campaign can only ensure that web content reaches to the potential audience. The success of the campaign relies heavily on the end audience’s deliberate and motivated effort to go through the online content. In the age of information overload, it is not wise to leave the audience to decide the fate of your campaign.

Because it is far easier to watch a quick, entertaining video than read a page of text, an explainer video fare better than any other online medium in communicating a message. An explainer or animation video has a net positive impact on the conversion rates, sales and information retention.

Here’s what you should do!

Gone are the days, when communicating through video content was a prerogative of big known firms. Today, a lot lesser known companies and even small startups are creating the animation or explainer videos. The various social networking and video broadcasting platforms have made it lot more economical for a company to broadcast its content. A company can catch maximum eyeballs by broadcasting its entertainer or animation video on a social networking site. Apart from its reach to the target audience, the explainer or animation video can prove a good analytical tool. The customers’ feedback on these videos can be monitored and analysed to understand their likes and dislikes on a product or service.The explainer or animation videos provide a unique opportunity for a company to engage with its customers to assess the features of its product or service.

Your company needs an explainer or an animation video to explain your concepts, services, products or causes to the target audience. In the cut throat competition, a company is required to communicate correctly its ‘Unique Selling Points’ to the target audience to build the customer base and loyalty. An explainer or animated video is a lot more creative and engaging, and can communicate the message powerfully with the target audience. As the animation or explainer videos are creatively designed to engage with the audience, it can connect with the target audience at a higher psychological level and spread virally on the web. The animation or explainer videos can also be leveraged to get an early feedback from the consumers on your product or services, and undertake the necessary improvements before the final product gets to market. These videos can be easily added to your company’s website, promoted on YouTube, displayed on LCDs at trade fairs or can be shown to a prospective client.

The explainer or animation video is the way to the future of online marketing. The companies that adapt to these tools are going to dominate the industry with a huge loyal customer base.

Enjoy this amazing video to get an insight on what we have been talking all through this article!

Stellar | Animated Marketing Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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