5 simple tips to creating great product videos

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The product videos are an essential part of marketing strategy. Much deliberation should be placed to ensure that the product videos deliver the intended message and,at the same time,are entertaining and within budget.The product videos can be shot in-house if there’s a good video production team or a video production company can be hired for the purpose. In both the cases, a small amount of pre-work shall go a long way in achieving the company’s marketing objectives. The five simple tips that can be taken care of while creating the product videos are:

1) Great products have great stories to tell
There’s a lot that goes in the development of a great product. The vision, team work, challenges and the technical break-through are just a few elements in the product development life-cycle. These all elements makes a good story to tell but not as a raw narration. A product video is required to weave a story around these elements. It needs to present the benefits of the products in a tight and engaging script.In most cases, it helps to choose an outsider video production company to write a script and create the product video. Being not so close to the product development, an outsider can ask the relevant question and help define what really matters in a product video.

2) The Short the Better
The product videos shouldn’t be longer. The less an explainer video talks, the more likely the audience is going to hear and remember. As a rule of thumb, the product video should devote up to maximum of first 20 seconds in addressing the customers’ pain areas. The next 5-10 seconds should be devoted to introduce the service that addresses the customers’ pain area. A brief talk about how the solution works should be stated in next 25-30 seconds. The explainer video should conclude with a ‘call to action’ in the final 5-10 seconds of the video.

3) Benefits, not Features
The explainer video shouldn’t show of all but the features that benefit the users. It should not drone the technical aspects but tell the people how the proposed product or service is going to address their pain area. The video production company should take care to present only the features that provide the distinctiveness to the product or service over the competitors.

4) Use a Voice Over
As the product videos are usually targeted towards a section of audience, it is a good idea to have a voice over. A voice-over artist, with whom the audience can associate, results in better conversion and retention. The tone, pitch, modulations and the voice quality of a voice over artist helps in communicating the message correctly and effectively.

5) Product video should not be all serious
The product video should resonate with the audience. Adding an element of humor or surprisehelps in keeping the audience engaged. An informal bent to the production video breeds familiarity and engages the audience well. It is these elements that help the audience share it with others and help the production video go viral.


Here is an examples of a product video that we have created for one of our clients


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