3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Explainer Video For Next Product Launch

Explainer videos have captured the world of marketing very quickly. If you ask any website marketer about the best tool for marketing these days, their one word answer will be ‘explainer videos’. Believe it or not, if you’re not considering explainer videos for your website management, your websites gonna pay badly for this mistake.

Explainer videos are the tool for next generation for online business. Their key is the simplicity of the videos,easy to understand and easy to make, both parties happy happy. The buzz that you’re looking for your website, explainer videos can be the key to the lock.

Trust when i say explainer videos can be the best investment for your web business ever. Just observe the recent trends and tell if you don’t agree.

Business is a success only when your visitor understand your idea, and the best way to ensure that is by conveying them in simplest way possible. Also, content only websites are boring and it’s time to give your audience something new, something interesting.

Still if you ain’t convinced, question human psychology which says  that human brain understands and grasps more of audio-video content rather than text only content. There’s a reason you love watching TV rather than listening to radio or reading newspaper.

And, if you’re planning to launch product, do it with an explainer video. Here’s 4 ways how you can do that:

1.Outshine among other brands.

Today the times have changed, unlike the older times where you could be a unique seller, now you got billions other people selling the same thing. Competitors, every business has a lot of them.  As soon as a new business idea emerges and proves to beneficial, every other wealthy man starts following.

So, the challenge here is not to just launch your product, it’s also launching it in a way to outshine your competitors. How would you do that ? Create amazing explainer videos on whiteboards or 3D. Try to ensure that the video is more catchy, uniques and explains all the aspect of your business idea.

2.Explains your business views

So, the reason you’re creating these Animated Explainer Video is just to explain the complex work of mind, what you call a great business idea in the simplest way possible to those who it’s meant for.

Five W’s and 1 H, this rule ensures ingredients in any content is meaningful. 5 W’s stands for :

  • What is your business idea
  • When are you going to implement your idea
  • Where is it going to be launched
  • Why are you launching this idea
  • And, who are you

And the H stands for How are going to do this implementations. Explain all these points and you’re half way down to glory.

3.Engage audience

The best skill set associated with an explainer video is it’s ability to explain things like a slice of butter, yes it happens that smoothly. But, to ensure such possibility your content should be engaging enough. Explainer videos have the power of synthesis: creating high level of engagements is just a matter of seconds as soon as different graphics come alive to represent a great idea. And it’s format ’video’ creates a better impact and sticks longer with persons memory.

If you want some professional help, or a Professional Explainer Video Company that understands your need and serves you well, Contact us.

InGo | Animated Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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