Explainer Video: Is It Really Necessary For Your Business?

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If you are in a shop looking to buy a manual that will help you learn how to paint your house like a professional, would you choose to buy a book or a DVD? If this question were to be asked to ten people you will agree that most often the answer would be ‘DVD’. The reason is people prefer videos and visuals rather than a whole lot of text! Not only is the former option convenient, it is also easier to grasp the subject in the least amount of time. So when you look at a website to buy products, it is very evident that you will choose to play the video that explains how the product works before you read the description, if such a video exists. These videos help the user understand the product features and functions and help assimilate the same which helps the user in the buying decision. There are instances when the customer buys a product and has difficulty understanding the manual. The customer browses the web in search of videos and other material to understand how to use the product. These are essentially explainer videos and have now gained a lot of significance over the years when compared to the usage of the traditional text manuals. Different sorts of Explainer video are now increasingly used by the business as they acknowledge this need of customers and are now increasingly aware of the other benefits of using these videos. So what are these other benefits?

Increase Search engine ranking

At the end of the day all the businesses want, is that their web presence is able to generate leads and the leads get converted into revenue. For generating leads, the website should come up on top of the search engine results and one of the criteria used by the search algorithms is the amount of time spent by visitors on your website. It has been seen that the best way to get higher statistics for better search results is to engage the web user with interesting an explainer video. The more time spent on your explainer video essentially means more time on the website and this adds to the search engine ranking.

Effective illustration of your business

With more and more innovations and use of better technology, these explainer videos have become high quality knowledge material. Animated explainer videos are also a result of these changes and are very popularly used. Animated explainer videos can help you illustrate any subject matter more easily than other videos can. For example, you may choose to illustrate the objectives of your business through an animated explainer video.

Generate leads, increase traffic on your website

Explainer videos can be uploaded easily with the use of a medium like YouTube and other sites and as the hits increase, they go viral. You can link back to the website when you have uploaded the videos. This increases the traffic to your website and your products and services get a wider reach.

Increased Chance of Sharing your explainer video

It is also true that it is easier and effective to share videos when compared to the huge amount of text displayed on your website. The chances of the explainer video being shared on the social media or through various mobile applications will be higher than any other content on your website. Businesses realize that though in an indirect manner, social media has a big role in businesses getting the required publicity which has a direct impact on their revenue and profits.

If you feel that we missed anything, feel free to comment below. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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