Back To The Basics | Beginner’s Guide To Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos have become an essential ingredient for your online presence to be successful. There is no denying that videos can be more engaging than normal text, are easier to share and ensure sales. There are many professional agencies that are into the business of explainer video production and can help you showcase your business, and its offerings in the best possible way. However, if you are an entrepreneur or startup with a limited budget, then you can choose to create an animated explainer video without the help of an external agency. All you need is to be able to visualize and conceptualize the content and its presentation. Equip yourself with a few good tips, some simple software tools and you are all set to make an animated explainer video.


This is basically to do with understanding the purpose or goal of the video. The video will achieve its goal only if it is conceptualized well. The best way to begin is to focus on who the target audience is, what are the various offerings and which product you want to concentrate on. You will also need to decide on a theme for your video- is it going to be fun and entertaining or is it going to be serious and information-based or a sort of tutorial. What will be the call to action for the users so you can ensure maximum sales? Once this homework is done, you are clear on what you should highlight in your video and what the final message should be.

Pen it

Now that you have your thoughts in place it is time to see how you can get them to flow in a seamless manner. It is best to search the internet thoroughly and look at as many explainer videos as possible to understand what the attention grabbing features are and how you may want to use them effectively in your video. Even though you want to tell a story starting from what you are and how your company and its offerings came into being, you have to ensure that this section is kept short and the highlight should be what the customer’s problem is, how your product can solve it and how the user can immediately take action and benefit from the same. It would be wise to start with a script so you get the right flow of the story. However, it is also true that your script is for your reference alone and nobody is interested in it until it is visualized beautifully! This is where you plan, erase, rework and re-plan.


The script is best if it comes across through a screenplay, visuals, graphics, and characters. You may need photos or stills, some video clips which you can get from sites such as iStock, Getty or Dreamstime. If you want everything new and original, you can sketch or draw and just scan the same. You can present them using software like Google Drive presentation. When all the parts are ready and the transitions fit in perfectly, you can use video making software tools and basically create a very short movie or video!

Voice and Narration

Engaging the user is your biggest challenge. With great visuals, the work is only half done, but when you add the right voice over you have nailed it! Here again, you can opt to record your own voice with the help of microphones and recording software like Audacity or Mixcraft or you can use a professional to do it for you. Finally, with a quiet yet attention-grabbing music in the background and the right sound-effects you have produced your very own animated explainer video.

We leave you with this explainer video to get a grasp of all the things you might have learned today!

Frameturn | Whiteboard explainer video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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