7 Must Haves For Your Video Marketing Strategy in 2015

The online marketing videos area great advertisement tool that can increase the conversion rates, sales and information retention for a product. Though right content is a necessity, the strategies used in the online marketing video campaign can increase the viewership. The most important strategies that can be adopted for producing and broadcasting online marketing videos are:

1) Quality
The online marketing videosare a true representation of your organization. As online marketing videos can spread virally, it becomes imperative to have quality content. The online market video should be clear enough not to be misconstrued and should represent the brand accurately.

2) Word-of-mouth / Discussion forums
The online marketing videos should be broadcasted on blog or discussion forums where the customer can participate and feed in their comments. The customer generated content is valuable not only because it is free of cost but also because it acts as a catalysing agent in shaping the opinions about a product. Once the customers are in the spotlight, they turn out to be better market managers than the paid staff at your disposal. Moreover, they are more convincing to the new customers.

3) Voice Over
The online marketing video should focus on the target audience. It is always a good idea to hire a voice over artist with whom the target audience could relate. The right tone, modality and pitch of the voice over artist not only make it easier for the customer to get the message but also add a personality to your product.


4) Call to action
The marketing is a continuous effort and needs to be sustained for long times. The onlinevideo marketing campaign needs to have call to actions for the viewers to share the video or subscribe to the channel. This helps in increasing the viewership as well as to convert the marketing into sales.


5) Short is better.
The online marketing videos should be fast-paced, engaging and short. The first few seconds of the online marketing video should capture the audience and engage them. The length of the video and engagement is vital as it ensure that the customer watches the video till the end and actually sees the ‘calls for action’and act appropriately
6) Diversify
The online marketing should be broadcasted on diverse broadcasting and social networking platforms to increase the target audience. The online marketing video can also be published on blogs with a written transcript and any other useful commentary.

7) Teasers
Releasing the trailers of the online marketing videos is a good strategy to arouse the customer interest. A trailer should be like a miniskirt that is short enough to arouse the interest but long enough to cover the essentials. Hosting online marketing video teasers on sites like YouTube can get the maximum exposure to the marketing campaign. Also, it is a good strategy to post the online marketing videos in multiple parts to create a story and keep the customers hooked. The broadcasting of the videos should be spaced out so that the followers are not too overwhelmed.

Here is a video we created for a client

Tradiescombined | Motion Graphics Videos from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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