4 Reasons Your Customer Prefers Video Marketing

Videos are running rampant. They are the new rage not just in the daily life but also in the business world. Youtube started this whole extravaganza, which now have embedded into our life like nothing else. Business houses are making use of these videos to market their products, services and of course, the overall business.

We are making use of online videos for everything and in every aspect of our life. Be it to watch a movie, catch up a news or to make a dish, we look up to videos to educate, inform and entertain us.

The growing usage and demand of the videos have made the quality of videos really good. Businesses are producing and publishing high quality live action and  Animated Videos on their landing pages. The advanced technology and the big and creative business houses have further upped the ante of the capability of the videos.

Take a look at the some of the prominent reasons why customers are more interested in and are watching videos.

1. Memorable

Watching a video stimulates the visual, auditory along with gestural senses all at once in comparison to reading or hearing something where there’s only visual or auditory senses are involved. A great video with right combination of music, visuals, story and emotions can move people like no other media form. By promoting the emotions, you make yourself memorable, which is the psychology of human beings. Customers obviously goes for what he/she can remember and a video leave just the right impact on them to make itself known and be memorable for a long time.

2. Trust Factor

It is easier to tell apart a good video from a bad one. Generally, when we search for something to look out for information, we come across articles and blogs that doesn’t always tell us how reliable they are. They could be amateur or for all we know. It is easier nowadays for anyone to make a video, by just taking the phone and start shooting, which is available in abundance. So, when people come across a high quality video they give out their time and attention. The point is people react positively to a qualitative and well produced video.

3. Personalized

Personalization is the integral part of any video marketing strategy because it makes a customer feel more connected towards the video. They want something that is interactive and videos offer just that in the form of people, story and emotions.

4. Shareable

Every other day, you hear of a video going viral and it peaks your interest which makes you watch it too. But how does a video goes viral? The answer is simple, it gets passed on from people to people which is basically sharing of video. Not all video goes viral, only the good ones that are latest and offers something unique to them. Videos are shared because they are easy to pass along, which makes it the appropriate choice.

Online video marketing is planned, sophisticated and well rounded video marketing strategy. So, if your aren’t doing it, you better start doing now. So, Contact us and get your own video created so that you can thrive in the marketplace.

Kenkastle Masters | Explainer Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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