7 Secrets to a Successful Crowdfunding Video


Crowdfunding has gained immense popularity of late and with more and more people warming up to the idea, the future prospects of these campaigns looks very bright. For those who are still not very familiar with the concept, crowdfunding essentially refers to the projects wherein people contribute money in order to help the developers make their project successful.
Mostly there is some kind of a reward for the backers and the rewards could vary a great deal. They could either get free versions or beta releases or sometimes even exclusive invites for the launch party or maybe something else.
However, if you want to be thoroughly successful with your crowdfunding campaign, it is important to pay enough emphasis on your crowdfunding video. The video is your best way to make an impression as it will not only convey your very idea but also attract the right people.
There are umpteen people trying hard and competing with a million others. Not all crowdfunding projects turn out to be successful because only the best get the backers that could help you clinch success.
So, if you have been wondering what would be the best way to make the absolutely finest crowdfunding video which would interest the backers and force them to consider your project, here we will share 7 of the best tips. Surely, by following these you might be able to make the most of your crowdfunding campaign!

1. The story board

When you are working on your crowdfunding project, you need to remember one thing – your video is one of your best bet. A lot of us think that you could have a mountain of text that would elaborate the details and maybe, some excellent rewards and your campaign would be successful. No, this doesn’t always happen!
Most backers are likely to take a look at your video because watching a video is far more entertaining than reading a wall of text.
So, you need to spend some time and think of the story board which your video would be based upon. The crowdfunding video needs to be so designed that it should help the audience get interested enough to watch it till the very end.
If your crowdfunding video has a very high bounce rate, it is going to impact the success of your campaign. So, regardless of the time it takes, you need to make sure that you can find a cutting edge story and work on it. The more you work on the story, the better it will be.
The focus should be to make the story engaging, captivating and yet factual. People need to understand what the project is all about. So, showcase your best creative skills.

2. Animated explainer videos

Of course, you need to fall back on animation. Most crowdfunding projects are a little different and you will find how it may be hard for a layman to grasp it. Remember the times in school when we often got our concept right after watching an animation clip of how the logic worked. Yes, you need to get the basics right all over again.
You need to be sure that you can make smart use of animated explainer videos. If you are not a pro at animation, you will need to hire someone, but, the bottom-line remains the fact that you should try and be sure that you can properly explain the concept of your project and try to make it as simple as you possibly can.
You may need to spend a lot of time as animating a whole concept isn’t the easiest of things to do. But, in the end, you have to be sure that you are putting in your very best and this will allow you to capture the attention of your backers.
When you are making an animation, try to keep the narration simple and focused. The narration should follow the depiction on the video as this would simplify the concept even further and give your backers ample reason to trust your project.

3. The emotional connection

Yes, regardless of the genre of your crowdfunding, you will need to strike the right emotional connection with your backers.
Try and understand the concept of a crowdfunding project. There are people who are willing to give you their hard-earned money so that your concept could become a reality. In such cases, you will need to create the right emotional connection and you absolutely must do so.
So, look out for all the different ways by which your crowdfunding video could help you in having a great emotional connection. The key here is to have a great opening video. When you video starts, it needs to draw the viewer in. Start with an interesting story or if your project has an emotional touch, add that note of personalization.
The viewer should feel that his contribution is going to make a difference and in the end, that ends up creating all the difference.
It is often hard to create an emotional connection in all projects, but you can always look at other crowdfunding video and draw an inspiration from it. The more you see successful videos; the better will be your idea of what is desired.

4. Highlight your product and/or services

Your crowdfunding video needs to thoroughly highlight your product and/or services. While we emphasized the need to tell a story and even an emotional connect, but do not divert from your main focus. Your video, in the end, needs to talk about the product and/or services which you are offering.
If your video doesn’t offer a clear message, you will lose out on a lot of backers. As per a lot of studies, it has been seen that backers are much more likely to support a campaign where they can actually see a demonstration of the product.
Think from a backers’ point of view. If they are putting in their money, they would definitely want to be sure that they know what they are putting their money into. So, when you are making a video, no matter whether you use actual photography or even animation, but you should highlight the different features thoroughly.

5. The personal touch

In a crowdfunding project, you need to add your personal touch. The competition is so fierce and you cannot just rely on the concept to make it work. You will need to make a connection with the backer and it is seen that the more you interact, the more likely you are to find the right connection which can make a difference.
So, you should make it a point to appear in the video. You could either start the video with your own presence or end it. Do not make your crowdfunding video too mechanical or completely objective. You must have that extra touch of personalization. Chip in your own footage and talk to your backers. It can end up making all the difference.

6. Elaborating the concept

If your crowdfunding video doesn’t clearly elaborate the real concept, you are not likely to succeed in your endeavor. No matter how farfetched and tough the whole concept maybe, you will need to elaborate it in your video.
When you are seeking funds from people, you need to give them the right incentives to do so. Do not rush too much and make sure that you are putting in the right amount of effort. The concept should come out beautifully and your video should do justice to what you are seeking.
You can always create the right amount of excitement among people as this strategy may work successfully too. In all, the backers need to have a clear idea of what you have in mind.

7. The visual appeal

In the end, make sure that your crowdfunding video has the perfect visual appeal. The graphics which you use, the script, the story line, the overall color and every other thing needs to be perfect. You can always hire professional video maker to ensure that everything is alright. The money incurred in making the video might aid you in being sure that your crowdfunding project will turn out to be successful. So, it would eventually act as an investment, isn’t it?
Make sure to double check your video before you publish it.

These are the seven of the best tips which you need to keep in mind when your focus is to make your crowdfunding project successful. There are a lot of projects that have managed to see the light of the day and you could do it too.
All you need to ensure is that you can keep these tips in mind and surely, the odds of succeeding will increase by leaps and bounds. With the right idea, an innovative concept, great milestones and effective marketing – your dreams of seeing your project successful might soon become a reality.
If you want to start your own crowdfunding project, start implementing these points and come up with a great video. We are sure that these tips are bound to reap you the right results.

Check out one of our crowdfunding video that we did for Inland Business Group below:

Reelance | Animated Explainer Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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