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The Anatomy of writing a video script

The journey of a great video starts with a well-crafted script. You do not have to have years of writing experience to create a script that is both engaging and enjoyable to the targeted audience. By following a proven model/structure, you can write a good script for your business or brand. Excited? Let’s break it […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Whiteboard Animation in Your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is arguably the commonest digital marketing strategy today. Owing to their unrivaled attention-grabbing property and ease of use, videos have easily outfoxed other digital media to be the ultimate choice for effective digital marketing. At Transpixel Studio, we specialize in technically all video marketing strategies including whiteboard animation, explainer videos, demo videos and […]

4 Approaches To Tell An Engaging Story

Video marketing is the way to connect to your audience. But one of the most common and difficult challenge is to tell a story. Story is what keeps your video interesting and engage your audience with your product or service. Marketers and business leaders have a hard time explaining the things they want to tell […]

5 Steps To An Incredible Video Production

Video marketing is the new way to go in the marketing world as almost everyone seems to jump this bandwagon. It is not a complex process but at the same time not as simple as it seems to be, it is a process that has certain steps in the process that needs to be followed […]