Explainer Videos- An Important Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

An explainer video is an audio visual of a short span (typically of 60 seconds in most cases) created for the purpose of demonstrating a product or service of any business. It employs concise and effective language coupled with engaging visuals so that watching the video could be an entertaining experience.

The ideas in such a video can be realized in several styles such as animations, 3D graphics, cartoons, whiteboards etc. depending on the nature of the product as well as different technical aspects that are best handled by experts who produce video animation for businesses.

It is also sometimes called whiteboard animation because it is quite similar to the process used by a teacher in a classroom to explain a topic by depicting it on the whiteboard. Here also, an animated person elucidates a process to its target audience in an explicit and amusing manner.

The main objective of making an explainer video is to escalate sales as in the case of advertisements, however, it is different from advertisements in some respects. Explainer videos are of somewhat greater length than advertisements and illustrate the usage of the concerned product or the service.

Today simple yet effective tools are freely available on the internet for creating the explainer video. And one chief reason behind this is the ease with which almost anyone can use them to create explainer videos. Hence, they are often well utilized by many small business enterprises.
But the big business organizations always rely on highly reputed professionals when it comes to making an explainer video for their new products or services. And needless to say they spend a considerable amount of sum for this purpose.

It is because of this fact that there is a gulf of difference between an explainer video made by a commoner and the same created by a highly skilled promotional video production company. The latter might be significantly expensive to make but at the end of the day it will be worth the expense. This is simply because of the fact that the professional work is far more impressive and impactful compared to one created by an amateur. And this is the very impact that makes the difference in terms of sales and revenue. And that is why the big business houses are always ready to spend thousands on making highly impressive explainer videos and they are no fools.
It is undeniable that explainer video has got a pivotal role to play as far as the sales and the success of a product is concerned. In fact, it is often used by many organizations as an integral part of their marketing strategy. It is also looked upon as one of the most dynamic contents to be used on social media. This is because explainer videos can increase online visibility by conveying and circulating your message in an interesting and amusing manner. It is indeed a great asset to capture the attention of the internet buffs that are always glued to their computers.

According to a recent study effective explainer videos can increase the conversion rate by multiple times and thus can be utilized as a powerful online marketing tool. That is why it is getting increasingly popular as a mean for conveying a business message quickly and productively. In fact the most effective way to capture the attention of the target audience is showing them the product or the service in action. And as an explainer video performs this very job in an entertaining way the impact becomes all the more effective. For all these reasons explainer videos have assumed an important place in the field of marketing strategy and are being utilized more and more by online marketing professionals.

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Hempco | Animated Marketing Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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