5 Insider Tips For Creating High Converting Explainer Videos

When you are making explainer videos, there are plenty of points which you need to keep in mind. There has been a huge spurt in the popularity of explainer videos as more and more people have realized the need to stick to such videos.
An explainer video when made in an apt manner will help in emphasizing the different details of your product or service. At the same time, it also helps the target audience to get an even better picture of how the whole thing works. Whenever you have a new concept to be explained, an explainer video will serve your need just about right.
Let us take a look at some of the best insider tips on creating explainer videos which can convert and aid you in getting the right click-through rate.

1. Create A Great Script
It is really important to be ensure sure that your script is good enough to do the job. The script of the explainer video assumes gargantuan importance. The script lays a befitting foundation and when you are working on your explainer video, along with the kind of animation it has, it is really important that you have a great script which is convincing enough.
When you are working on the script, make sure to use the right words. You should not have too bombastic words and at their same time, do not let the script be too simple either. Ideally, you need to work hard on the script and check that it is impressive enough. There are creative teams that work on the script for an explainer video.
Sit down and think of all possible things you need to explain. Ideally, the script needs to be done after you have worked on the animation. The script and the animation should blend well with each other.

2. Keep It Simple
When you are making explainer videos, you have to be sure that you are following the K.I.S.S. principle. This simple principal will help you in being sure that you are following the core metrics which will guide you in a befitting manner. Whenever you are making an explainer video, you need to be sure that the whole video is designed carefully.
Do not use too much of the animation or make it overly complex. When you are infusing too many elements in it, it might end up damaging the kind of positive impact it may create. The animation needs to be well-planned and systematic.
At the same time, make sure that the video actually serves the need. It shouldn’t be misleading or ambiguous. An explainer video should be precise and ideally, it needs to have a call to action. With a befitting call to action, you can guide your audience into doing the thing you want.

3. The Tone Of Marketing
Even in the explainer video, you are going to market your content and/or services. However, the key here is to be sure that you are paying heed to the tone of marketing which is employed in the video.
This is the reason; we emphasized the importance of having a great script. While it is okay to market the content, but you need to be a little subtle. Do not opt for hard hitting marketing tone all the time as this will definitely not serve your need.
When your audience feels that your explainer videos are simply marketing your service and the message is too loud, it might not create the right impression. So, the smarter thing to do is to be sure that your marketing tone is subtle enough.
When your marketing tone is done right, your audience will not feel like you are trapping them in a promotion gimmick. Your video should give something of value to the audience. They should get some kind of valuable learning from it. When you respect this, it will surely serve an apt need for you.
Those videos which seem to be laced with too much of marketing content might fail to impress the audience because they may feel that the real purpose of the video is to simply lure them. The audience should get the incentive themselves to avail your product and/or services. So, you need to polish your marketing skills and settle for a subtle but effective approach.

4. The Key Benefits
You need to highlight what the audience will get from it. The psychology behind selling is to let the audience feel that they are the ones who will benefit when they choose to avail your product and/or services.
You should keep an eye on all the key benefits which you can offer. When you are making an explainer video for the first time, we would suggest you check out some of the top videos that have managed to gain a lot of hits. When you are analyzing plenty of top videos you would know what are the main things that clicks and the ones that don’t.
It may take a lot of attempts before you get your video right. So, you need to keep in mind the importance of the video. Do not rush at all when it comes to making the video. You have plenty of things which you need to keep into consideration.
Forts of all make sure that you know what you are going to promote. This vision is crucial for the sake of having a great video. The next thing you need to do is to ensure that you have one of the best creative designers in a team. Explainer videos really heavily on animation and this is why you will need to employ the best effects which will help you have a good enough animation.
When you are done with these, go back to the first point and check the kind of script you have. The script assumes gargantuan importance and so you need to stick to it as well.
These points will help you illustrate the benefits in an apt manner. Always, remember that the audience should feel valued. They should feel that they have gained something by watching the video and this in itself can help in converting the video and will lead to increased sales.

5. The Final Checkup
Make sure that you run a thorough checkup at the end. The last thing which you want is your explainer video to have errors. You need to look for all kinds of errors and this includes proofing, factual and more. So, keep an eye on all kinds of mistakes which may happen.
Even after you have proofread all the parts of the video, you need to do it one more time because sometimes even the slightest error may mar the kind of impact it would otherwise have. So, be mindful that you check out the different aspects and you should leave no stone unturned.
The speed of the animation, the script, the pronunciation of words, the words in the video – and every other thing needs to be just perfect. You have to ensure that there is no scope for any errors and it doesn’t matter as to how long it takes but you will need to work hard and give your hundred percent.
These are five of the best tips which are guaranteed to help you succeed. Making an explainer video isn’t the easiest of the task and so you should make sure that you work round the clock for the sake of converting your animated explainer videos and actually deriving the right benefits from it.
There are a lot of videos that fail to work their magic and at the same time, there are plenty of videos which have helped the business reach new heights too. So, it is for you to understand and analyze how each of these videos can turn out to be effective.

We have offered you some of the most effective tips which should serve its due need. However, you should not hurry and take your own time while studying and analyzing how useful it really is.
Ideally, explainer videos need the whole team to work as a unit. It won’t be feasible for a single person to work on all aspects together. The designing, animation, storyboard, script, and execution – all of these are pivotal steps and each one of them needs you to stay focused till the very end.

So, you will have to ensure that you are putting in the right efforts. Observe your competitors carefully and look at some of the best videos. These can help you learn a lot of important points. In the end, be creative and productive. When you are creative and productive at the same time, it will help you be sure that you are hitting the nail right.

Do not rush and understand each one of these points. It will surely make a whole lot of difference and help you understand the secrets of creating a highly converting explainer video.

Geek Hospital | Animated Explainer Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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