6 Reasons Explainer Animations Make Great Advertising

An explainer video makes a great advertising tool in explaining and promoting a company’s product or service.The explainer video is a short, engaging and creative online video that communicatesa message powerfully to the target audience and connects with them at a deeper psychological level. The explainer video makes a great advertising tool because:

1) A picture is worth a thousand words
We are incredible at remembering pictures. The average person retains only 10 percent of what they hear. Add a picture and the retention percent jumps to a whopping 65 percent.Because it is far easier and convenient to retain the information conveyed through image, an explainer video fares better than any other advertising tool. An explainer video can communicate high-impact messages, a complex story or an abstract idea in a much eloquent way to the potential audience. It has a net positive impact on the conversion rates, sales and information retention.

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2) Explainer Videos don’t judge between a David ora Goliath
There were the days when only big known firms could communicate through video content. The associated costs with the production of video content were enormous for a small company to undertake video advertising. But, times have changed. Today, a lot lesser known companies and even small start-ups are creating the explainer videos. The various social networking such asFacebook and Twitter,and video broadcasting platforms such as YouTube andVimeo have made it lot more economical for a company to broadcast a video content. As these networking and broadcasting sites are smart phone compatible, they allow a wider audience to a brand.

3) Market Analysis
The explainer video can serve as a tool to study customers’ feedback. It can be leveraged to get an early feedback from the consumers on product or services, and undertake necessary improvements before the final product gets to market. The explainer or animation videos provide a unique opportunity for a company to engage with its customers to assess the features of its product. The feedback can be used to refine the product in accordance to the input from the end customers.

4) Explainer is entertainer
An explainer video is a lot more entertaining than any other advertising media. Anexplainer video that has a solid script and engaging visuals captures the attention of audience better than a paper pitch or a power point presentation. The explainer videos are especially helpful if a complicated product or service needs to be advertised.


5) Brand Building
The explainer videos are a very efficient advertising tool in building brand value. The brand reputation is what builds the customer loyalty. They are important because they put a face to a company. This is especially for the online businesses in which the customers have no direct contact. An engaging explainer video that could connect with the customers helps in retaining the customers, boosting sales, gaining popularity for your brand, and explaining your product successfully.

6) Versatility
Theexplainer videos are versatile advertising tool and can be easily added to a company’s website, promoted on YouTube, displayed on LCDs in trade fairs or can be shown to a prospective client.An explainer video can be shared easily on various social networking communities, enabling to propagate the ideas faster. Though there’s no formula for going viral, an explainer video is the first step towards it.


Here is an example of a video we created for a client

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