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Making An Affordable Explainer Video

Explainer videos as we all know are short videos spanning around a minute or so intended to illustrate the products or the services offered by a company. They use concise language combined with effective and entertaining visuals. The intention is not only to explain but also to entertain at the same time so that it […]

Selecting The Right Voiceover For Your Video

Imagine you have been called into a business meeting and the presenter walks in looking all good and set to make his presentation. The power point presentation is played and the content and visuals are top notch. The effort that went into the collection and consolidation of the data too was worthy of applause. However, […]

6 tips to get more eyeballs on your online marketing videos

The purpose of an online marketing video is to grab maximum eyeballs and increase the conversion rates, sales and information retention for a product.Though right content is a necessity, the strategies used in the online marketing video campaign can increase the viewership and thus conversion rates. The most important strategies that can be adopted for […]

Best Length For Your Animated Explainer Videos

Over the years, a lot has changed in the marketing world. Animated explainer videos have now become the hottest trend for businesses across the world to promote their product online. No doubt the internet marketing has the power to place your product in the front of millions and billions of potential customers across the world, […]