6 tips to get more eyeballs on your online marketing videos

The purpose of an online marketing video is to grab maximum eyeballs and increase the conversion rates, sales and information retention for a product.Though right content is a necessity, the strategies used in the online marketing video campaign can increase the viewership and thus conversion rates. The most important strategies that can be adopted for producing and broadcasting online marketing videos are:

1) The online marketing videos should allow customers to reach to it. The online marketing video should have features that make it searchable online. Acatchy, search-engine friendly title and embedded tagsmake an online marketing video searchable, increasing its reach. To identify keywords than can help boost traffic for an online marketing video, Google Trends or various other social media monitoring tools can be used.

2) The online marketing video should be broadcasted on a diversebroadcastingand social networking platforms to target the wider audience. The broadcasting sites such as YouTube andVimeo can generate large amounts of traffic.In addition, the social networking sites such Facebook and Twitter are good at create buzz. The online marketing video can also be published on blogs with a written transcript and any other useful comments. The transcript helps the search-engine bots to index the content of online marketing video correctly, enabling online marketing video to be easily searchable.

3) Releasing the trailers of the online marketing videos is a good strategy to arouse the customer interest. Agood trailerislike a women’s skirt: short enough to arouse interest but long enough to cover the essentials. Hosting online marketing video teaserson sites like YouTube can get the maximum exposure to the marketing campaign.Also, it is a good strategy to post the online marketing videos in multiple parts to create a story and keep the customers hooked. The broadcasting of the videos should be spaced out so that the followers are not too overwhelmed.


4) It’s not always larger that gets the meat. The online marketing videos should be snappy and fast-paced. The ideal time for the online videos should be under 2 minutes – the shorter the better. The first few seconds of the video should capture the audience and engage with them. Thelength of the video and engagement is vital as it ensure that the customer watches the video till the end and actually sees the ‘calls for action’.

5) Always have calls to action: The online marketing videos shouldn’t be an end in itself. They should have clear call for actions that can measure the efficacy of the video.A call to action to share your video or subscribe to your channel can make a huge difference when trying to garner more views.

6) The online marketing videos should be designed keeping the smartphones in mind. An overwhelming number of netizens spend most of their online time on a mobile device. The online marketing videos should be optimized for viewing on small mobile screens.Moreover, the video format should be chosen keeping the factors such as buffering time and platform compatibility in mind.

Here is an example of a video we created for a client

Exilets | Explainer Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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