SEO Tips To Help You Rank on YouTube

Did you know that 1.9 billion users visit Youtube every month? That is a huge number that promises a lot of potential.

And did you know that Youtube is the 2nd most visited website in the world?

All these statistics were provided thanks to a survey that just promises a lot of potential for users and for Youtubers.

“How-to” Youtube videos are also popular, 70% of millennial use Youtube to look at informational videos to learn something, so if you’re a DIY channel, then you’re probably at luck.

Here are some more Youtube statistics for businesses out there: 

  • Twice as many small- and medium-sized businesses are now using advertisement on Youtube since 2016. 
  • 95% of YouTube ads are audible.
  • The number of pre-roll ads Youtube shows doubled since 2018.

Now that we know how much Youtube is an everlasting field of goods that need to be harvested, it’s time to learn how to leverage it for your benefit.

Just as healthy and famous Youtube is, the competition in it is very fierce and high. 

There are millions of YouTubers out there and each one has a rank, the two YouTubers that have the highest number of subscribers are :

  • T-series
  • Pewdiepie

It’s quite impossible to beat these two, but if you work hard enough, you might be able to beat others.

But with a great number of followings, comes a great responsibility, which you need to manage well so as not to screw up in this platform.

So if you’re wondering how to increase your number of followers, I’ve got one answer for you: Youtube SEO. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is creating content that is optimized and goes well with search engines.

For it to be friendly it needs to have keywords, answer the specific question people are looking for and offers great information.

Since Youtube is a search engine as well, then it’d like to offer its visitors the best experience possible, and that only happens with offering them videos that answer their questions and that offer the valuable information they’re looking for.

For your youtube videos to be SEO friendly, this is what you’ll need: 

  1. High-quality videos.
  2. Optimized videos.
  3. Get to know Youtube SEO tools.
  4. A marketing plan.

1. High-quality videos.

One of the number one important steps to Youtube traffic is to actually make high-quality videos.

“Content is king” is a saying that pretty much summarizes everything you need to do about your Youtube videos.

Your Youtube videos need to be captivating and pleasing, visually and also when it comes to information you’re sharing. 

If you create high-quality videos then you’re more likely to have high-retention videos, and what I mean by this is the rate of your video’s “Audience Retention”.

If you offer 10 minutes videos in which your audience only watches 2 minutes, then you have a rate of 20%. 

But if they watch 8 minutes of your video, then your retention rate would be of 80%. 

The higher the retention rate you have, the more likely you’ll be able to show up on the first pages of Youtube searches, but if you don’t then you need to work on those videos.

The only way to raise that retention rate is to make high-quality videos that are optimized which we’re going to discuss next.

2. Optimized videos

Since there are so many YouTubers out there, the competition can be so fierce, and you might even find it hard to dethrone them and have a chance in showing up in the first pages of Youtube. 

You need to optimize titles, descriptions, tags and overall video, but by optimizing your video content, you can actually show up on both Youtube and other search engines like Bing and Google.

This means even more traffic for you.

If you want to optimize your video, then here are the steps to follow:

  • Search for keywords: Keyword is a crucial part of optimization, you need to help youtube pinpoint exactly what kind of keywords you’re targeting in which you’re offering valuable information, this way; you’ll be able to rank with keywords on Youtube.
  • Optimizing your title by including keywords and making it shorter than 350 characters, but also longer than 220.
  • Create a description that catches attention and that is full of keywords.
  • Youtube offers video tags so as to help categorize your video, by including keywords in your tags you’re more likely to appear on search engines more.

3. Get to know YouTube SEO tools

For researching keywords and creating catchy thumbnails, you need SEO tools.

Here are the two SEO tools I recommend for these two tasks: 

Uber Suggest

This tool will help you track keywords on all different social media platforms, simply choose youtube and enter the content and topic you want to look for and it will suggest different keywords you can use for your video.

Every keyword has a different volume, etc.. but unfortunately they don’t show up with Keyword tool, but you can tell from the ranking which one has the higher traffic.


With this website, you’ll be able to create beautiful and attracting thumbnails that will get increase those clicks, the first two thing people see is the title and the thumbnail, if you choose a great thumbnail that’s not misleading then you’ve pretty much succeeded, if not then that’ll be a problem.

With Canva you can create beautiful designs that will help you create high-quality videos.


4. A marketing plan.

Now that you’ve followed all these steps to create catchy videos, it’s time to promote your videos. 

How are you going to do that, right? Here are these simple tips to help:

  • Keep reminding people at the end of the video to subscribe to your channel.
  • Do giveaways with conditions to help people promote your content and be more engaged.
  • Paid ads on Instagram and Facebook. 
  • If you have a website and an email subscribers list then send them emails linking to your video. 
  • Promote your youtube channel across all platforms.

And this is how you’ll be able to make your Youtube videos optimized and help attract more followings if you have more tips share them in the comments.


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