If You Are A StartUp A Good Landing Page Is A Must!

The time and age is ideal for startups as the use of technology and the internet can help you tremendously in making a mark in the industry. The internet can help the business reach out to a larger audience despite limited funding and resources. All that is required is to know how to effectively use your online presence or the website and build your business. One important facet of your website is the landing page which must appear on the search results of the various search engines and having a good landing page video is one of the factors that adds to this.

Characteristics Of A Good Landing Page Video


Target the desired customer

A good explainer video on the landing page of your website will have just the relevant content that is aligned with your products and services. Only desired customers, those who are interested in the same will be clicking on the video. It will inform the user about the advantages of buying the product and how effectively it can be used.

Capture attention easily

Research says that the attention span of online users is just about 8 -10 seconds. So you must understand this is the time you have to catch your audience’s interest. You can’t take longer than this or they will just ‘bounce off’ to something more interesting. So your video must catch the interest of the user within the first 5-8 seconds!

Keep the length optimal

Once the interest is established, its best to ensure you keep the length of the explainer video optimal. If you want to give more information you can just provide a link to another explainer video. Going overboard on providing all information in one video that may not be required for the user is unwise. The user may be a potential and interested buyer, but may just want only specific information and not all of it.

Call for action

A call for action is what helps you convert an interested and desired customer into buyer thereby increasing revenue. The actions can be of many types. You may give an opportunity for the user to like or share the video or like your presence on the social media like Facebook, pInterest or twitter. You may ask the interested users to contact you by providing an email address or ask their contact details so your business can reach them. You may want them to download a trial version of the product or provide them with a button or link to order or buy the product or service in question.

Importance of right implementation

Firstly place the video appropriately on your landing page so that it is the foremost thing to catch the user’s eye. Use appropriate, but interesting thumbnail images for your video. Ensure the call for actions are seen by the user even as the video just starts and becomes prominent when the video finishes as the action they chose is what drives them into the sales channel.

It would be prudent to advertise the explainer video that is present on your landing page, on your social media account as well. From time to time, you can schedule this video to show up on your social media content. The popularity of the video will help generate leads to your webpage and eventual conversion to sales.

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