5 Steps To An Incredible Video Production

Video marketing is the new way to go in the marketing world as almost everyone seems to jump this bandwagon. It is not a complex process but at the same time not as simple as it seems to be, it is a process that has certain steps in the process that needs to be followed through. By adhering to the production process you make sure that not a single key step is missing out from your video. No matter the size of your business or the industry you are part of, following through these steps provide you with higher chances of success.

In this blog, we will be discussing about these important steps to Animation Video Production that has become essential for every business.

  1. Identify And Discover

The very first step in animation video production is discovery which consists of brainstorming, briefing, concept development and its planning. In this step you ensure that everybody related to this process is on the same page. This all basically means understanding the needs and wants of the client as in what exactly the client wants their video to be like and further to achieve from it. You have to know everything from what are the clients goals, to whom the video is targeted and their USP.

  1. Pre-Production Stage

Now, you are at the stage where all the planning takes place and you have to start getting creative that is inclusive of storyboarding, planning, looking for best locations, creating scripts among other elements. This planning phase will set the overall vision of the project. Here, you will also get all the additional help you may require from voice overs or artists. You also have to create a timeline to carry out the process in and set the targets of getting it completed.

  1. Production

This stage brings to the production part of the element. Here, all the work that you have done to date with the visual planning, scripts everything comes at one place and binds together. After this, you are all set up to start the animation process. This is the stage where your time and energy spent in the previous stage comes to fruition. You should also shoot the extra elements as this bank of footage can be helpful for you in the future, in need.

  1. Post-Production Stage

This stage starts after all the footage has been captured and the step where magic happens. Here, you see the hard work coming together into a one meaningful thing. You have to edit the shot that you have captured and every other element as in the animation, music, voice over and the Motion Graphics. It is not limited to a single cut, there is a rough cut, second cut and the final cut. It could even take more than three cuts to make the project perfect.

  1. Distribution

The final and one of the most critical step is to bringing your video in front of your target audience. In this step, you also have to determine the channels and the platforms you want your video to be on, along with Twitter, Instagram and website. You have to edit the video according to the medium as to be on social channels, the video would be edited to certain specifications.

There could be additional steps involved here, in between of the above mentioned ones as each process is a bit different. Whatever your purpose be, make sure you are as detailed as possible during the whole process as it plays an important role in connecting you to your audience. So, get in touch with us to take your business to new heights through animation video marketing!

RebateKey-Buyer | Animated Explainer Video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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