4 Common Traits Of Successful Marketing Videos

The digital age has entered into a new phase where the leader of the marketing tools is Animated Explainer Videos. Now, if you’re still investing on cheesy, catchy words to cash in some business then you’re probably dreaming right now. Come on, it’s time to wake up and observe the changes because if you don’t open your eyes now, it’s going to get late.

Nowadays, your audience needs something out of the ordinary content to engage themselves. Something which is witty, highly engaging and a content format which is easy to grasp. At the same time they want something which simplifies things for them, ‘said and understood’ just like that.

Losers do have a million reasons, yet success can be achieved with no secret formula other than hard work and smart brains. You need at least one from the two.

So, here are few golden tips that shared by winners in video making, and it can lay those golden eggs if utilized effectively:

1. Short, sweet and crispy

Don’t get excited by the title, it’s not some great dish. Though this is the final look of marketing videos if grilled well with the perfect ingredients following the correct recipes. As known to all online marketers, a user only views a consent for 8 seconds before it’s attention gets deviated and these are the 8 seconds which make all the difference.

What do you do? Answer is, put all your creativity and utilize this 8 seconds making it the most effective part of your entire video. Firstly, concise the script, get on or USP as quickly as you can.

2. Use humour as the hidden skill

How many times does it happen that you think of using humour but you don’t, reason can be anything. Don’t know about you but happened many times with me and the reason was lack of confidence. If you observe youtube top channels carefully, the top ones have all the contents based on humour. There’s a reason of your interest for being them at the top, not you. the reason is, they don’t sell, or even if they do so for any promoter, they use humour as a tool.

People are tired of hearing same old marketing lines, buy this and ignore those. Give them something new to engage with your content.

3. Aim for the one selling point

Let’s understand this with a practical example, you’re watching a mobile phone commercial and your requirement is a cheap phone with higher ram. The commercial keeps talking about unnecessary stuff and suddenly jumps to the point and says this phone costs only 200$ with 2 GB Ram and you pop up from your seat and decide to buy the product. So, you have to do the same thing, rather than wasting time, jump to your USP. Make the audience go crazy about you and look for you.

4. Good CTA on the ending note

Your primary focus was to engage audience but after that an effective call to action should be your goal. End your video with a simple but attracting Call to Action. A CTA is concise and lets the user grasp the information and decide how to take advantage of the information they just received.

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KevinSena | Motion Graphics Videos from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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