3 Effective Ways Your Next Animated Video Can Rule The Internet

When you are looking to rule the internet, you will need to make use of too many different methods and strategies. We have seen that animated video seems to work best because video marketing is not only the most interactive marketing method, but it manages to rope in the attention of too many people as well.

If you have spent both time and money for the sake of making a good explainer video, you have to ensure that you put the right efforts for the sake of making them viral on the internet too. There are a lot of methods and tips which can be used, but not all of them turn out to be effective.

Here, we will share 3 of the best video marketing tips that can make a difference. There is a lot of competition when it comes to business and even when you are making explainer video; it isn’t that easy to make them popular. So, we need to focus clearly on a lot of different things and then ensure that our strategies are just perfect.

So, if you are looking for the real guide that will help you out and will give you the best chance of breaking the internet, follow what we have to offer to you. We are optimistic that our video marketing strategies will surely make a befitting difference.

1. The Production Tips

When you want to rule the internet with your animated video, your first focus should be the production stage. Until and unless your explainer video is done right, even the best video marketing strategies will fail to give shape. This is why it becomes absolutely important to pay heed to the kind of video you are making.
In this step, we will give you the tips needed to ensure that your explainer video turns out to be perfect:

The Content
Like we have always heard, content is the king. Until and unless, your animated video has the real content, it is going to be ridiculously hard to make it sensational on the internet. The content is what really sells and this is why you will need to be sure that your video is well-made content-wise.

Study, Analyze, Research, Edit
Before you start making your animated video, it is important to do the right amount of research. The right kind of research will help you know the kind of content which your audience wants. Your competitors can act like a great starting point.
You should always focus on seeing the market and finding out the kind of content that is a lot more likely to work. When you manage to do so, it will help you make a better planning of your whole video. An important point to be added here is that you should not completely copy your competitor’s ideas. This way you won’t bring anything fresh to the table and this is surely not the right approach.
The only reason we want you to check out your competitors is to know what sells. Then, you need to sit with your own team and come up with refreshingly original and creative content. This way you will be able to impress your target audience and give yourself the best chance to go viral.

The Animation Style
When we are talking about video production, you do need to emphasize on the animation style. The animation in itself is huge and there is a possibility of a lot to do. So, you need to know which style would be apt with the content you are creating and what should be the pace used.
Make it a point to double check the animation style, speed and more as this will help you be sure that the overall video looks appealing enough.

The Duration
This is considered by many as one of the most vital factors as far as video marketing is concerned. No one has too much spare time on their hands. So, stop those hour long videos where you go on and on about all possible detail of your products and/or services. The key here is to know how long it should ideally be.
When you are looking to break the internet, we won’t suggest you have too long a video until and unless, you are too confident of your content being really engaging. Your video shouldn’t be too long to make people bounce off the page. This won’t be right and so you have to know how to draw the line.
These are the key points concerning the video production stage. When you have mastered this stage, you are all set to market the content. This will bring us to the next step.

2. Networking

There is no marketing without networking. Networking does form the basis for all good marketing strategies. Even when it comes to social network marketing, you will first of all need to build a good and steady network. So, if you are done with the production phase of your explainer video, you should try and check how well you can network.
In our opinion, before you start investing money in online marketing of your animated video, spend some time trying to network. You can join communities, groups, and lists on Facebook and twitter. Try to connect with like-minded people, clients and customers on LinkedIn. You can also tap the most out of sites like Pinterest and Instagram. As both these latter sites are photo-friendly and appealing to people interested in pictures and videos, they can turn out to be hotbeds for video marketing.
Apart from online networking, it is always healthy to attend a few meetings and discussion groups as well. The more people you know, the better is the odds of having a successful marketing campaign. So, you will have to spend some time brushing your networking skills.
If you want to break the internet, you will still need to have offline networking skills too. When you know people who are ready to back you and your content, they too will share your content on social media sites and help you gain popularity.
One of the key things about social media is the cumulative reach which it helps you get. So, even if you manage to find 10 such people who have a very strong group of followers, you can’t even imagine the number of visits your video can fetch when it is shared by such people.
This is why it has been seen that all animated videos which tend to break the internet are the ones that get mighty popular on social media channels. You never know which point will trigger the viral impact and once the ball gets rolling; there will be no stopping it whatsoever.

3. Dynamic Changes

This is a kind of backup strategies which ensures that the tips work out. You need to understand that video marketing is mainly the kind of approach which requires you to choose a dynamic method rather than a static one.
So, when you are looking to market your content impeccably, you should have this dynamic approach ready. Either you can have a team or you can handle it yourself. Regardless of who is handling it, the key idea is to use a dynamic approach.
Analyze the kind of shares you have got and the number of views which your video has managed to get. If you feel that the results aren’t promising enough, you will need to rework your strategies and come up with something more effective.
This dynamic approach makes sure that you optimize all the new changes and you are using trending methods and capitalizing on all the latest updates and changes. We know that it may be a little hard to rework your strategies once you have put them into action. But, you need to understand that we do not want you to rework everything.
All we are asking is to incorporate slight changes to ensure that you can get better results. This will give you the right kind of idea as to what will work and the things that may not.
Choosing a static marketing method might not work because the world of internet is always changing and evolving.

So, in order to ensure that your animated video actually rules the internet, you will have to follow what is trending and then rely on your marketing and social skills to push your video and fetch massive visits.
These are three of the best strategies that are sure to work when you implement them in an apt manner. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule that governs what works and what won’t. Still, you have to be sure that you are giving your very best.
We have found that our listed methods mostly help people in making popular animated videos and you too can give it a shot.

HMM | Cartoon Animation from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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