How to successfully use video ads for your local business

The main key when creating a video strategy is by making sure you capitalize your strengths on local business. Today, video advertisement is an important part of the online market. If your target is to increase your brand awareness, sell your products, and drive conversation, then a good video is the perfect shoot. Video advertisement is complicated compared to typical text, news feed ad, or display. It involves a lot of activities like knowing how to run a camera, write scripts, manage sound effect, footage editing, and setting up light. Hence creating a video ad can be a tiring task, especially when running a local or small business.


Many local companies think that video advertisement is out of reach for them. This is not true because, with the right strategy, they can create a simple video with good content that can deliver great results. In this post, we are going to discuss the importance of video advertisement to local businesses and few video strategies you can use to increase your sales and get great results even without a ton of experience in making videos.

Advantage of going local

Being local gives you a direct connection with your target market. Although video advertisement is also important but running a local business has this advantage over it. Things like bulk discounts, capital that make big chains that are powerful, and supply chain efficiency can disconnect you from your customers. For instance, Walmart business. Many people might not love it but like it in terms of prices or the wide range of products they carry. Although they don’t have personal connection with there customers.

Many people develop affection for local businesses because they are managed by people from their community who are real and easy to relate with. It this feeling that makes people to see your business succeeding by showing you more support and increasing your sales. As a local business person, you should part and participate in the community as a whole. When your business is not picking, and you want to make people know that you are an important part of the community, then you can use video advertisement.

Videos have a lot of power to make people connected to your business compared to any other advertisement medium. You can show people, places, figures, and reference local events familiar to your audience and make your business feel like home than a chain could.


Why local business should use video?

Videos can be intimidating to many local businesses. It requires broad skills and cost much compared to other types of online marketing, but there is the bright side of videos.

Since they are hard to make, they provide business opportunity by opening fields to companies that learned to make videos. Hence if you figure out workable video strategy you can be ahead of the competition even when video ads is already in the competition, you can fit on the gate and stay relevant and maintain your competitive edge.

The positive thing is that there are a lot of resources available that can help you make video content. They include Youtube tutorials, blog posts, courses with required skills on how to make videos using a smart phone. There are also video ad agencies that can make you a dirty and quick video at a lower price. All the resources required to make a video are there you only need to come up with the good strategy.

3 Simple video ad strategies for local businesses

In most cases, local businesses think that video advertisement is complex, not knowing that what they need is to create something compelling and clear. This is because you are only competing with other local businesses who have the same challenges as you not big companies like Apple or Pepsi. You only need the right strategy and approach to make a successful video advertisement. The following are the video ads that any local business can pull off.

1.     Brand story ads

Telling your brand story is one of the great ways of creating a compelling local video ad. As already discussed, that your connection to the community is the greatest advertisement assets, you need to showcase in your videos, and you will get more customer.

Different brand stories that can work for local businesses.

  • The origin story. How and why you started your business. This will help people connect with your personality and background.
  • Your purpose. What are your business goals and company passionate about? Convince people to follow you.
  • Success Stories. How your business has helped people and make a difference in the community. Showing people how your business is supportive both in community and individuals.
  • What makes your business unique? What special about your services or products? Convince people to buy your products.

The main aim of a brand story ad is to create awareness for your company and get on the radar of your potential customers. At the end of your ad, people should be aware that your company exists, local and feel in your business. Your brand story ad should be between 30-60 seconds which is short enough to capture people’s attention and long enough to make a compelling case for your business.

2.     Frequently-Asked Questions ads

After people have known your business, they will start asking questions which a good sign is because it shows interest. Addressing this question straight forward and reasonably will remove people concerns about using your business. The best way of addressing this question is through the use of FAQ ads. Questions like Where do you get your produce? What is it made from? Are easy to address on video ad and provide you with ways of reaching your potential customers. This kind of ad works well for customers who have already know about your business. FAQ ads give you a chance to re target campaign by getting people who are interested in your business.

3.     Testimonial ads

Testimonial ad is incredibly powerful and easy to create. One of the advantages that local store have is it can create a video with familiar elements like events, people places. Through this testimonial ad, you can identify yourself well as locals and tell people how you can help them and the community at large. The best part of it is that you are not the one praising your own company, and this makes it more compelling. The power of testimonial ads is in the authenticity, not the quality as long as the message is clear and on point and the footage free from distracting element, then the ad is great. There are many ways of making a testimonial ad. You can film people at the venue, events or ask them to make some records of themselves. The testimonial ads should be under 45-60 seconds.


With the right strategy and approach, video advertisement can be the most effective way of marketing your local business and push your business on top of your target audience. The key to success is ensuring that your ads are compelling and capitalized on your strengths as a local business.


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