4 Reasons To Incorporate Animated Videos In Your Email Marketing Campaign

Video marketing is a very recent addition to promotional activities. A well built video can reach a large part of the consumers and bring in leads. The dynamic nature of business has also engulfed within it a large number of email marketers who are using video marketing for the purpose of promotion. A study has shown that nowadays around 5-7 emails are enough to make a consumer looking for a product to buy it.

So, if you are looking for an effective way to bring in leads, why not try email marketing by adding videos to it! Here I will give you 4 reasons why getting in touch with a professional design driven studio and incorporating the same in your email marketing promotion essential. Here, read on!

  1. Grabs the attention of the users easily

Everyday our email inbox is flooded with promotional emails from different companies promoting their products and services. But, how many of them do we actually read? Have you ever thought why do we ignore such promotional emails? The reason is quite simple. The consumers find long texts boring! No one in today’s busy world likes to read such hefty contents. So, if you want to reach the consumers you should try adding Animated Videos, describing your products and services. People always click on videos or rather animations that are of interest to them. Hence, by just adding a simple video you can grab the attention of the consumers.

  1. Better SEO

Having a better SEO is a crucial factor for thriving in today’s dynamic business environment. Attaching a well made animated video to the email will act as an important SEO ranking factor. An animated video consists of well structured content with good amount of media mix on the site. It helps the search engines to identify the video’s worth and will show up in the search results when a user will demand so.

  1. The latest ‘in’ trend

A new marketing tool that works wonder for promotion is viral videos.  A video that goes viral are watched by a large part of the demography. Even people who were not aware of your products and services will come to know about it once it becomes viral. A large part of the consumers reaction on a particular brand or product depends on the video. So, including a video in an email is worth it!

  1. Saves time and easy to understand

Attaching a video to the email saves a lot of time, both on the part of the marketer and the audience. It at the same time makes it easier for the audience to understand the services and products by just watching a video. There are certain kinds of writing style and an email with contents may not be understandable to a particular consumer. But, animated videos are such that any one, of any age can understand it!

One cannot deny in today’s highly competitive market  grabbing the audience attention is quite a challenging task in itself! Video is a crucial part of email marketing for generating leads and conversions. To create a good video that will catch the attention of the audience instantly, you can get in touch with a design driven studio. For more information, get in touch with us today!

Frameturn | Whiteboard explainer video from Transpixel Studio on Vimeo.

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