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Top 10 Reasons Every eCommerce Website Should Seriously Consider Explainer Videos

It is an undeniable fact that fast paced advancement of telecom technology has led to a widespread use of the internet. Specifically the manner in which buyers make a decision to purchase in general. Online shopping involves eCommerce websites which facilitates business to consumer (B2C) selling. Shoppers have adopted buying merchandise or selecting service through […]

Top 10 Video Trends Of 2017

We are in the times of instant communication and digital promotion for product selling is at its epitome now. Businesses are well into the mid year’s first quarter selling. The primary and most vital mode employed in digital video marketing is marketing. Animated videos are well accepted among the shoppers and potential shoppers who like […]

How To Use Social Video Marketing To Boost Your Business

We all know that the activities of product research, review, sharing, buying is increasingly moving online. A business looking to survive in today’s tough competition in the global marketplace will have to continuously innovate and modify its marketing and selling strategies to emerge a winner. In 2020 B2B online sales are projected to reach $12 […]

How to use brand storytelling for marketing success

The key success mantra that makes a brand popular is its engaging brand story. This marketing technique does not revolve around just advertisements or articles. It is the marketing strategy that uses a compelling story telling technique called the brand story telling. It should be more an innovative form of narrative story telling which establishes […]

15 Ways To Instantly Increase Your Conversion Rate

It is a universal truth that adopting the right marketing trend lands a business in a better position. The winning mantra need only centre around how best the decided strategy works to gain the attention of the passer-by customer that he becomes a paying customer. Among recent marketing trends are the likes of using social […]